Android Auto Will Tell You If Your USB Cable Isn’t Working

Android Auto: All users of an Android operating system know that the Android Auto function is at their disposal for their trips. Of course, the cable has to be compatible with the terminal and provide data transfer. However, not all of these links work the same way or have the same features, and Android Auto will let you know this with its wiring diagnostics.

Android Auto will have a function to analyze your USB

You may not pay much attention to the cables you use to charge your mobile. These mostly come inside the phone case and will allow you to both transfer data and receive the power they need to function. But there are keys that only have the charging function, which are cheaper in exchange for losing a more than valuable function.

You will surely notice this if you are an Android device user and connect it directly to the car to activate Android Auto. But unfortunately, the condition of the hoses is not always the same and a simple preliminary analysis can help you recognize errors that are not visible to the naked eye.

And this is where Google has put a lot of emphasis to ensure the use of one of the most important functions such as Android Auto† It turns out that in its test versions, specifically in version 7.5.121104, it has already been possible to see how the app makes a brief diagnosis of the cable before starting. This feature is very interesting, which distributes its activity in three steps: Wired connection, quality review and Android Auto response.

The process could take a few seconds and according to what MSPowerUser tells us, it can be found in the Application Settings under ‘connection help’. In this way you will know if your terminal is defective inside, a great help that will tell you where the Android Auto connection problem is if it is continuously failing.

What cable do you need for Android Auto to work?

Google knows what its own devices need and in the event that Android Auto fails due to the cable it also gives some advice. The first is that the cable does not measure more than a meter, since the distance is not very long. The second is that it is recommended that the cable be the same one that came with the phone and, failing that, if they meet the USB Implementers Forum standards.

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