Babies and toddlers exempt from key lockdown rule

Babies and toddlers do NOT count towards the two-person lockout limit for outdoor meetings.

This means parents and guardians can still see a friend or relative with children under school age in an outdoor public setting.

Health Minister Nadine Dorries confirmed the move on social media yesterday, Sunday November 1st. The mirror reported.

She said: “Children under school age who are with their parents do not count towards the limit of two people meeting outside.

“This means a parent can see a friend or family member with their baby or young children.”

As of Thursday November 5, social mixing between people who do not come from the same household or the same bubble is prohibited – unless they meet in a public open space and as long as they distance themselves socially.

The rule should prevent people from being isolated.

However, since only two people in total can attend such gatherings, ministers approved the exemption for very young children.

It was feared that new parents would be excluded and isolated when they needed the most social contact.

The exemption is a departure from the previous rule of six – where children count toward the six-person limit for gatherings, no matter how young or old.

TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp and Labor MP Stella Creasy were among the first to inquire about the initial new lockdown restrictions.

Babies and toddlers exempt from key lockdown rule 1

Ms. Creasy tweeted, “It’s hard to see how a baby at such a young age differs from parents in terms of transference missions, and with the growing crisis in maternal postnatal health, vital mothers are not staying home this next month!”

Ms. Allsopp added her vote to change the rules, saying, “If you are allowed to meet another person while you are going outside, it MUST exclude a baby in a stroller and if it doesn’t, it’s honest said barbaric.

“Didn’t we find out about the acute, long-term danger of PND for all family members? !!!”

Government guidelines state that all playgrounds can remain open.


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