Boxer lured woman into his home with pug to sexually attack her

A boxing coach and gym manager used his injured dog to lure a woman back to his house and sexually assault her.

Daniel Jones attacked the woman last summer after seeing her in the street and asking her to help his pug, which he said had been hit by a car.

He then convinced her to come to his house to call a vet but as soon as she was there he pinned her to the couch, tore off her clothes and sexually assaulted her.

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The 47-year-old later barricaded a female police officer who came to the woman’s rescue into his living room, threatened to kill her and ripped her body cam off and threw it out a window, the Liverpool Echo reports.

A court heard on Friday that Jones’ had been using DMT, a psychedelic drug, when he launched his brutal attack.

Members of the public saw him shouting and acting strangely in the street during the morning and called the police.

Shortly afterwards, a woman walking down the road saw him and became concerned.

Charlotte Kenny, prosecuting, said he told her the dog was injured and he was upset.

He then convinced her to come to his house to call a vet, with the woman saying he had been “very persuasive” and that she wanted to help him because he seemed distressed.

Ms Kenny said: “The victim had been persuaded by the defendant to go into his home address.

“He claimed he needed help with an injured dog. Hey was crying.

“Once inside, he then told her to give him a hug. He then pushed her onto the couch.

“He then began to try to rip off her clothes, including her underwear.”

The court heard the assault, which lasted for a number of minutes, then saw Jones claim he was God and that he would “show her”.

Police responding to the original call about Jones had by this point tracked his car registration and found his address.

Yet when Jones opened the door, the woman ran towards one of the officers screaming for help.

Jones, who is almost 6 foot with a heavy build, then dragged the officer into his living room and held the door shut to stop her getting out.

Here, he threatened to kill her and, when he saw he was being filmed, ripped her body camera off her.

She was able to get out of the room and help the victim to safety as her colleagues arrested Jones.

Boxing coach and gym manager Daniel Jones used his injured dog to lure a woman back to his house and sexually assault her.

A judge today recommended the officer for a commendation because of her “exceptional bravery” in dealing with the incident.

The court did not hear a statement from Jones’ victim but Recorder Ian Unsworth, QC, said she had clearly been caused severe psychological harm and was still struggling to cope in the aftermath of the attack.

Trevor Parry-Jones, defending, said Jones’ mental health had been rapidly deteriorating in the run up to the attack, with family members urgently trying to get him medical help.

He told the court that Jones, who managed a gym and provided boxing coaching, suffered financially and mentally during the pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns.

Mr Parry-Jones said Jones then turned to smoking DMT, a psychedelic drug with effects similar to LSD, and began ordering it over the Dark Web.

Mr Parry-Jones said: “He began using a particular chemical, DMT.

“It is referred to in the psychologist’s report, not in a good light.

“The defendant believed it was in a good light but his whole mental capacity collapsed.”

He said that Jones could no longer recall the incident but was remorseful about what he had done.

Mr Parry-Jones said: “The defendant has no real memory of the events but he has asked that be said.

“He has read the papers, he has found it very difficult to understand that he behaved in that way and he is horrified.

“He believes he was having a breakdown but he takes full responsibility for what has happened.”

Recorder Unsworth ruled that Jones’ actions were premeditated and that he used the victim’s urge to help him to carry out his horrific attack.

He said: “She was concerned for you and she wanted to help you.

“She later told police she loved to help people.”

He said that once inside the house he then immediately overpowered the victim to subject her to a lengthy assault.

Recorder Unsworth said: “I have no doubt that you are a very strong man and you used that strength to utterly over power [the victim].”

Jones, of Borough Road, Birkenhead, was jailed for 16 years with a further eight years on extended license after pleading guilty to sexual assault, assault by penetration, false imprisonment and threats to kill.

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