24+ Camping Pick up Lines

  1. Girl, let’s start a musical masterpiece with our moans in the wilderness.
  2. With me with you, anywhere becomes the perfect Champ-site.
  3. Ready to have a fucking good time in no strings attached sleeping bags for one night?
  4. Babe, you erect my tent without effort.
  5. Girl, only you can blow out the forest fire in my pants.
  6. Is that a tent peg in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
  7. Babe, let me light your inner fire with my good end of the stick.
  8. Girl, you are the spark that lights my fire.
  9. Girl let me put my tent stake in your forest ground.
  10. Are you a campfire, because you are hot and I want s’more.
  11. A flash light isn’t the only thing I will be turning on tonight.
  12. I don’t usually ask girls camping, because it tents to get sexy.
  13. Are we camping? You just set my marshmallow on fire.
  14. Hold my hand if you’re afraid of campfire stories.
  15. Girl, stop causing forest fire in my pants.
  16. We need wood, and I got the perfectly hard one in my pants.
  17. Baby, you roast and toast my marshmallows because you so hot.
  18. I got the only wood we need to heat us up.
  19. Babe are you cold? Let me demonstrate friction fire by my wood with your bush.
  20. Hey girl, you in-tent to get loving in the tent.
  21. You, me, one sleeping bag, we know what’s going to happen.
  22. Baby it’s cold outside, would you share body heat with me?
  23. Babe, what’s good about camping is that no one can hear you moan in the wild.
  24. Are you going camping with me or do I have to rope you into it?
  25. You are like a camp map. I am hopelessly lost without you!
  26. You set my heart bonfire.
  27. Hey girl, you good at pitchin’ my tent.
  28. Forget about camping, time for some hotel action.

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