Developed chip that detects stress level through sweat

Engineers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) have developed a wearable sensor chip that can measure the concentration of cortisol in sweat.

Since cortisol is the body’s hormone released in response to stress, the chip can turn into wearable devices such as smartwatches that can track the wearer’s stress level throughout the day.

The developed chip can turn into portable devices

“Until now, there has been no objective way to measure stress levels,” EPFL announced on the chip it developed. This creation has the potential to change that. He said, explaining the technology he had created.

The chip was developed by the Nano Electronic Devices Laboratory (Nanolab) and Xsensio from EPFL and has a transistor and a graphene electrode.

The chip, which has also been developed, contains short, single-stranded DNA or RNA fragments that can bind to cortisol so that a device can measure the concentration in sweat.

Nanolab chief Adrian Lonescu explains the range of cortisol concentrations in human sweat as follows;

“This is the main benefit and innovation of our device. Because it can be confirmed, scientists can collect quantitative, objective data on certain stress-related illnesses and do so in a completely non-invasive, accurate and immediate way.

Engineers who test the chip they developed in the laboratory will test the chip in a hospital environment as the next step. Engineers are also currently working with the University Hospital of Lausanne to test the system on human patients with Cushing’s syndrome and stress-related associations.

In addition, let’s say that patients with obesity and mental illness are not included in these studies. But the engineer team believes the chip can help doctors better understand these types of patients.

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