Dog caught in lift door by leash after careless owner fails to spot pet is not inside

The fossilized animal was torn from its feet and hoisted on a leash to the top of the elevator door after the elevator entered the 16th century.

Dog is caught on a leash in the elevator door after the careless owner fails to notice that he is not inside

In shocking footage, a dog is hanging on a leash in the air after a woman boarded an elevator and closed the doors while the animal was still outside.

The battered dog was torn from its feet by the leash attached to its neck and dangled at the top of the elevator door.

CCTV recordings capture the moment when the woman enters a block of flats in Moscow and seems to forget the dog behind her.

She pressed the button for the 16th floor and her pet was left behind.

It was pushed up and pressed against the elevator door before it dangled.

A dog got caught in the air after getting on an elevator



The animal believed to be a Shih Tzu was saved thanks to the quick actions of another person who saw the dog hung up.

Fortunately, right after the dog was caught in the elevator, a man came to the rescue.

He was able to loosen the dog and held the petrified animal, which seemed to be trembling.

Shortly afterwards, the woman reappeared downstairs on the first floor looking for her pet.

The owner went to the 16th floor without realizing that the dog was not in the elevator



After the video was shared on social media, the pet owner was widely criticized for not taking better care of the dog.

“Why don’t you check that the dog is still with you?” wrote a person.

Another said, “Poor dog, imagine how awful it must have been.

“She doesn’t deserve the dog after what happened.”

Fortunately, one man quickly saw what was happening and managed to unclip the dog



One said how shocked they were by the footage: “My heart stopped when I saw the video.”

While many others also asked how she got up 16 stories “before she realized the dog was not with her”.

The incident took place in the River Park residential zone in the Nagatinsky Zaton district of Moscow.


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