Edge 100 Arrives In Beta With New PDF Reader And More News

the Microsoft Edge browser is reaching the historic version 100. The round build arrived this week in the distribution channel for Beta users and can now be tested by fans who are eager for the novelty, or developers who are part of the program’s testing period. The stable version does not yet have a release date.

Despite the significance, the update isn’t that radical. edge 100 brings bug fixes and general system optimizations, as well as three new functions. One of them is a new PDF reader in preview mode, which is lighter and faster than usual and can also be used to open documents that are stored on the computer.

In addition, the browser will be synchronized between desktops for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), if you have the same Microsoft account logged into multiple computers and with data exchanged between them. The latest addition to be rolled out only gradually involves the addition of cookie sharing sessions in Cloud Site List Management for Internet Explorer (IE) mode — a cloud page manager that uses Microsoft 365 instead of an infrastructure. hosting location.

Will it be a problem?

The expectation on the part of the community for the hundredth versions of browsers also involved the fear of malfunctions in these programs: some execution codes could present problems by changing from a two-digit version (in this case, 99) to another with three, opening the hundreds place. The companies, however, anticipated this possibility and guarantee to have avoided any problems.

Recently, rival browser Google Chrome has also reached version 100 with a new icon and the end of data saving Lite mode.

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