End Your Anger Before Sleeping At Night, Forget The Quarrel And Calm The Mind; Stay Healthy With Long Life

American scientists have described the secret to long life and staying healthy. Scientists say end your anger before going to sleep at night. After forgetting the quarrel and sleeping after calming the mind, the age is long and the person remains healthy. This claim was made by the scientists at Oregon State University of America in their recent research.

Forget about the fight on the same day so it doesn’t affect the next day

According to research, if you resolve the argument at the end of the day, it will not affect the next day. If you stop dominating your mind by negative things, you will stay mentally healthy. Conversely, if such things persist in the brain, the stress level increases and affects the whole body.

Elderly people tend to forget negative things

This research was conducted on 2,022 people. It included people between the ages of 33 and 84. For 8 days everyone was asked about their feelings and experience. The team of researchers found that, in general, older people tend to forget negative things earlier than those who are 45 years old.

It is important to try to reduce stress

Researcher Robert Tavsky says that every person has to deal with stress, it cannot be stopped completely. But it can be tried to reduce it to some degree so that you can stay healthy.

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