Expert advice to help children avoid and get over car sickness

With the summer holidays fast approaching, this could mean long trips to the sea or the airport for a short break abroad. The car leasing experts from and its sister site have put together some useful tips to help children in the car who may be prone to car sickness.

The churning, sickly sense of anxiety that many children feel as they embark on their journey is something that can often be avoided or overcome with advance planning and preparation. A speaker for said: “It’s tough for children when they’re motion sick in a car as they often feel there’s no escaping the onset of nausea or worse.

“Summer vacation can create an extra level of excitement, which can often only exacerbate the possibility of motion sickness. Hopefully our guide will help parents and caregivers prevent illnesses before they happen so the family can focus on achieving their goal and enjoying their break.”

Having a bag in the car and antibacterial sprays and wipes handy is also important if things don’t get better on the drive and a child gets sick and throws up.

Here are some of the ideas from to help motorists ward off motion sickness in their minors:

I spy and the snooker game: Traditional games like I’m spying or looking for different colored cars on the road can help engage a child’s mind and encourage them to look at things on the road while the car is moving – thereby reducing the possibility of motion sickness becomes. It can also take your mind off a queasy feeling on a long journey. A car color game is called “The Snooker Game” in which participants search for a red car, followed by a car of another specific color (yellow, green, brown, blue, pink, and black), followed by another red, and so on to emulate The scoring system in snooker.

Beware of entertainment: Children sitting still in a car looking at a digital screen or a book can have an inner conflict with their inner ear sensing the movement of a car, and this can lead to diseases where mixed messages are sent to the brain . It might be an idea to vary her point of view so that she isn’t constantly static.

Meaning of the middle seat: If a child is more prone to nausea in the car, one of the reasons it may be that they are constantly looking at the driver or passenger seat. Move them to the back center of the car so they can get a better view of the road through the front window instead.

Promote sleep: Children look forward to their vacation and may feel like they are missing out when they doze off. In fact, it can be helpful to switch off and take a nap when traveling.

Medicines and food: It’s worth exploring suitable children’s travel sickness pills based on a pharmacist’s recommendation and giving them to a child with something mild like a biscuit before they travel. Simple food can also help to line the stomach and keep it quiet for longer.

Open a window: Fresh air can help keep children from feeling ill, and similarly, it’s often good to break up the journey by stopping at appropriate intervals to allow children to walk a short distance and stretch their legs and enjoy the fresh air .

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