115+ Food Pick Up Lines [Cheesy/Cute/Puns]

Are you in the mood for some pickup lines? Well, if you’re in the mood for something special, then you should check out food pickup lines! These playful phrases can turn any dinner date into a fun and romantic experience. Whether you want to flirt with your dinner date or get them to laugh, these lines will do the trick. So what are you waiting for? Give these food pickup lines a try today!


Food Pick Up Lines

Food Pick Up Lines

Food pickup lines are a fun way to spice up your date night. They’re also a great way to get to know your date better. If you’re feeling daring, try out one of these food pickup lines. They’ll definitely make your date laugh and might even lead to a romantic encounter! Here are the best pick up lines!

  1. You looking at me is making me turn as red as that roasted beet salad.
  2. I’d turn vegan for you.
  3. If you shave your legs as well as that fennel, I can’t wait to touch them.
  4. I studied at a culinary school in France and know all the secrets to joie de vivre.
  5. I’m local, all natural, homemade and certified organic: wanna taste?
  6. You’re as complete as quinoa.
  7. Do you prefer French Press or Bialetti for your morning coffee?
  8. This first date is going so well. Should we drop everything and buy a food truck together?
  9. You’re my missing ingredient.
  10. If this were an artisan meat market, I would take you home for dinner.
  11. I can last as long as a Le Creuset.
  12. Can I sprinkle some sea salt on your salad?
  13. How hot does your gas oven get?
  14. When it comes to me, you’ve got free range.
  15. Even my new stainless steel cookware set isn’t as slick as you.
  16. You’re as intoxicating as a home distilled liquor.
  17. Your skin is smoother than the finest panna cotta.

Fast Food Pick Up Lines

Fast Food Pick Up Lines

Forget the cheesy pick up lines you’ve heard before – today, it’s all about fast food pickup lines that will get your order delivered right to your table! From funny to clever, these pickup lines will have your food order flying out of the window in no time, and you’ll be left wondering why you ever bothered ordering from any other restaurant! So what are you waiting for? Get ready to say goodbye to boring pickup lines, and hello to some seriously funny ones!

  1. I Think We’re Mint To Be!
  2. 9. You Look Lovelier Than Any Food I Have Ever Seen In My Entire Life.
  3. It’s a bit cheesy but will be sure to make her giggle.
  4. 3. A World Without Food Is Horrible But A World Without You Is A Disaster I Don’t Want To Know.
  5. Cute, subtle, and not too direct.
  6. I’m Not Good At Cooking, So Let’s Go Out Sometime!
  7. It’s sure to make her smile and curious.
  8. It’s true in one or more occasions.
  9. 8. The Food Tastes 10x Better When I Am Eating With You.
  10. I Love You More Than I Love Food And That’s Saying Something.
  11. 5. I Want To Be Delivered To You Like Your Most Favorite Food To Give You Comfort.
  12. Ask her what her favorite comfort food is too.
  13. 2. I Would Love To Make You A Variety Of Sandwiches Every Day If Only You Will Let Me.
  14. This is a really smooth pick up line. Everybody’s got to eat, right?
  15. Her appearance is a lot better than food!
  16. 4. You Have The Ability To Heighten My Senses More Than Any Food I Know.
  17. Of course, her company is what makes your appetite better.

Cheesy Food Pick Up Lines

Cheesy Food Pick Up Lines
  1. Your name must be Candy… ‘cuz you look so sweet.
  2. They call me the king… ‘cuz you can have me your way (Burger King).
  3. You’re looking so sweet, you’ve got my eyes glazed over like doughnuts.
  4. Will you let me be the avocado in your turkey sandwich?
  5. Pies aren’t the new cupcakes, baby. You are.
  6. Are you into salads? Because I think I’m falling in lovage.
  7. You’re my missing ingredient.
  8. Baby, you remind me of my spice cabinet ‘cuz you got a fine grind goin’ on.
  9. I know we just met, but will you marinade me?
  10. I’m a locavore… I got all I need right in front of me.
  11. I can last longer than cast iron.
  12. Do you like strawberries or blueberries? ‘Cuz I need to know what pancakes to make you in the morning.
  13. If you were a burger at McDonald’s, you’d be named McStunning.
  14. You remind me of milk ‘cuz you’re doin’ my body good.
  15. Your name must be Jelly… ‘cuz jam don’t shake like that.

Cute Food Pick Up Lines

  1. You need me inside you
  2. Did you know honey is the only food that won’t spoil?
  3. But I’ll spoil you, honey
  4. Hey lady I’m just like like a pizza. I’ll fill you up tonight and still be there in the morning when you’re ready for more.
  5. I dropped mine when you walked by
  6. You’re my Happy Meal & I’m your Big Mac.
  7. Come on baby, kiss is like pizza:
  8. No hunny, looking at you is dessert enough for me.
  9. If so, you definitely are what you eat
  10. Hey! you owe me a drink!
  11. Seeing you is like getting 11 McNuggets in my 10 piece meal.
  12. Even if it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.
  13. Are you the new item on the McDonald’s menu? The McNificent?
  14. Do you like hot foods
  15. You can call me food because, trust me,

Funny Food Pick Up Lines

  1. I like you a latte, mocha it a date?
  2. Is that a carrot in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
  3. How about I check your internal temperature with my meat thermometer?
  4. This is a funny Food pickup line!
  5. Dammnn baby! Your body must be from McDonalds? Cause “I’m Loving It”!
  6. Call me if you want someone to share that beer with.
  7. Here you can eat my sausage…pizza.
  8. Are you dating anyone? Because I want you to be my BAE-gle.
  9. If you were my sauce pan, I’d never deglaze you.
  10. You’re the smirn off in my vodka.
  11. Your daddy must have been a vegan baker, because you’re a croissant.
  12. Can you shake your hips like you shake your drinks?
  13. You’re the ketchup to my fries.

Food Puns Pick Up Lines

  1. Use only working piropos and frases de cantadas for girls and hombres. Note that dirty phrases are funny, but don’t use them in real life. In practice, saying smooth Food phrases to someone you haven’t Picked Up yet is usually just creepy.
  2. Boy are you a hot pan? Cause you are sizzling hot.
  3. Girl, I know you want this TIP.
  4. Oh baby you make me go supersize.
  5. What do you want on your tombstone?
  6. I know we’ve just met, but will you marinade me?
  7. Are you happy to see me or is that a pepper grinder in your pants?
  8. You are the hollandaise to my poached egg.
  9. I wanna be like waffles with you and wake up on top of each other.
  10. If you were a dessert, I would drizzle a balsamic reduction all over you.
  11. Is your name Fajita? Because you’re sizzling.
  12. If u were a vegetable you’d be a cutecumber.
  13. Working Food tinder opener.

Restaurant Pick Up Lines

  1. You’re the macaroni to my cheese.
  2. We could be cookies, because we are a batch made in heaven.
  3. Please don’t leave me provolone.
  4. This may be cheesy, but I think you’re grate.
  5. You’re baking me crazy.
  6. I cannoli have eyes for you.
  7. You’ve stolen a pizza my heart.
  8. You’re even sharper than cheddar.
  9. You make my heart feel so gouda.
  10. If we went on a date, it would be legen-dairy.
  11. Are you a doughnut? Because I find you a-dough-rable.
  12. Are you Rocky Road? Because I’m nuts for you.
  13. Brie mine?
  14. I’d love to see you s’more.
  15. Are you a bakery? Because you are a cutie-pie.
  16. I’d take you out for ice cream, but it wouldn’t be as sweet as you.

Flirty Food Puns

  1. If you were a burger at McDonald’s, you’d be named McStunning.
  2. Are you the new item on the McDonald’s menu? The McNificent?
  3. Oh baby you make me go supersize.
  4. Is your body McDonald’s? Cos I’m lovin’ it.
  5. Dammnn baby! Your body must be from McDonalds? Cause “I’m Loving It”!
  6. You’re my Happy Meal & I’m your Big Mac.
  7. Is your body from McDonald’s miss? Cause i’m lovin’ it.
  8. Do you like secret sauce in your burger?
  9. I got a six inch sub you can put between your lips.
  10. Seeing you is like getting 11 McNuggets in my 10 piece meal.

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In case you were wondering, we too have tested this pick up line a couple of times now. And shockingly it works every time! So just in case you’re trying to woo your crush with a fancy food order, there are no excuses – just use one of these lines and you’ll be good to go. Have you used any other pick up lines like the ones listed above? If so, do share them down below in the comments section!

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