Ford Kuga 2023 design presented [video]

The popular model of the Ford Kuga SUV is being updated. Graphic designers who prepared the design of a car captured by spy cameras a few days ago believe that the new Kuga will look like a brand new car. Here is the design of the updated Kuga, which will be released as a 2023 model…

The best-selling SUV model of the American auto giant Ford in Turkey, the Kuga, was recently presented in camouflage. The new version, captured by spy cameras, turned out to be a made-up version of the existing Kuga. Based on these images, graphic designers managed to show what Kuga, which we will meet in 2023, will look like.

The pictures captured by the cameras of automotive passions showed that the design of the updated Kuga will be a little more aggressive. For example, the design of the headlights and, accordingly, the radiator grilles now looked more sporty. Graphic designers are also aware of this situation. When we look at the prepared images, we see that the new Kuga will look like a brand new car.

The updated Ford Kuga of 2023 will most likely look like this:

Drawings based on camouflaged images show that changes in the design of the front of the Kuga will also affect the rear. Dual exhaust pipes and taillights, which look much better than the current version, seem to please crossover and SUV lovers. However, it should be noted that these images are not clear at the moment.

Industry sources believe that the engine options of the new Kuga, which will be presented and released as a 2023 model in the coming months, will be the same as those of the current models. When we look at the Ford Turkey website; we see that the current version of this car is offered for sale with a 1.5-liter EcoBoost, 1.5-liter EcoBlue, 2.0-liter EcoBlue and 2.5-liter hybrid engine. So we may see the same options next year.

Camouflage images of the Kuga 2023 model made at the testing stage:

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