Google Calendar: Learn How To Auto-Reply Your Absence

google Calendar came with a promise to help people in a number of ways: with reminders, appointments, and the like. What many may not know, however, is that it also allows users to turn off an automatic reply for when you’re on vacation, for example.

If you’ve never done this procedure before, check out the steps below and let your own schedule make sure your contacts are notified that you’re not available at the time.

How do I post an out-of-office automatic reply in Google Calendar?

Check out the steps below to program your automatic out of office response, remember that the procedure on PC is the same as on Android or iOS mobile devices.

Initially, it is necessary to open the Calendar in the options menu and, once in it, click on the “+Create” button that appears in the upper left corner to start the process.
On the next screen, leave the title field on Vacation (or any other option of your choice) and do not forget to check the “Away” button at the bottom, as well as the period of absence (beginning and end) and activate the “All day” box. Also activate the option “Automatically reject meetings” and check the “New and scheduled meetings” ball.

Another important point is the option to leave a scheduled message, which will be sent on the specified days of absence to anyone who contacts you. If you don’t write anything, a standard format created by google will be used.

When everything is ready, you can view this tag as a continuous strip through the days it is out of stock, just like in the image below.

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