Google Live Transcribe Finally Works Offline

Google Live: Technology has allowed many people to approach the world in a way never dreamed of before. And it is that the ability to have something similar to a computer in your pocket has been very helpful to all kinds of people, especially for those for whom accessibility is essential for their development. They will know how important it is to have an app like Google Live Transcribe and its new offline feature.

Finally, Live Transcribe can be used without an Internet connection

The Internet has given many good things to the world. Thanks to her at the time of the 2000s it has been a moment in which more culture has been shared and consumed. Information literally flies and no one is left behind unless they want to enter any digital newspaper or social networks. But the veracity of the content that circulates with them is another story.

Today we are talking about the integration of applications in people’s daily lives thanks to applications such as Maps or Lens, both from Google. But the Mountain View firm still has a lot to contribute in the accessibility segment with its Live Translate function. This feature helps to understand what a person is saying thanks to the device’s microphone. In a matter of seconds, the app is capable of transcribing what another person is saying, regardless of the language.

However, Google makes things a lot easier with Live Transcribe’s Offline feature. Activating it is as simple as pressing a simple button and letting the application start working. In a moment you will have on the screen what another person is saying word for word.

Don’t forget to download the languages

The fact that Live Transcribe is in offline mode is quite a plus. However you should keep in mind that you need the language pack installed. In its languages ​​​​section you can access all the ones it is capable of recognizing and with a single click you will have access to all the installed languages ​​and choose the one you want or need depending on the moment. We remind you that this app is free, so there is no reason not to download it if you need it.

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