Google: New Acquisition Suggests Interest In Augmented Reality

google recently acquired a company specializing in the manufacture of microLED with a focus on augmented reality (AR). The move is an indication that the company still has an interest in the segment, even with the failure of Google Glass. So far, the company has not disclosed the value of the deal, but the latest assessment indicates that the company in question, Raxium, has a market value of over US$ 1 billion.

when google Glass was introduced, wearable devices, in general, were not yet a reality, and the technology needed to make smart glasses possible was very limited. As the trial versions of the product had many problems in real usage environments, mainly heating, the commercial version of the product was discontinued.

More and more companies use products with AR elements to engage the consumer, and the current movement to create digital ecosystems that somehow integrate with reality creates demand for new solutions. In addition to the application of microLEDs in headsets and VR/AR glasses, the technology is also used in smart glass and panels.

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