Google Tests Weather, News And Suggestions Widgets For The Web

google: The google Search homepage, which has been cemented by a clean interface displaying just one search field, is testing a new web widget feature at the bottom of the page. In total, there are six widgets: Weather, Trends, What to Watch, Stocks/Markets, Local Events and Covid-19 News.

In google accounts that already have the feature available, there is a key in the lower right corner that allows you to hide or show the content. When entering your zip code or city, google explains that the information will be displayed “based on your past activity”.

Weather displays the current conditions and temperature, as well as the forecast for the next three days. The Trends tab highlights the top topics currently searched with a search count.

What to watch suggests series and movies, Actions/Markets provides a graph with the day’s movements, Local Events lists activities near you with date and COVID News shows the latest news about the pandemic.

It is not yet known when the feature will officially launch.

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