Google Will Use The Camera Of Your Mobile To Prevent Vision Problems

google is one of the most advanced companies in artificial intelligence. The company has some of the most powerful software that works wonders in many areas. One of the latter is the field of health, where he has already proven what he is capable of, although he wants to put his potential at the service of the whole world. And the proof of this is the new feature that allows you to spot vision problems with the front camera of your mobile.

This is ARDA, the new Google AI

Artificial intelligence is very much present these days. This technology is not only able to learn from all the models it has to determine what each thing in an image is, whether the sound being reproduced or what note corresponds to the one you just reproduced. It is much more than that, especially if we apply it to the medical world.

And it is here that technology and medicine can and do go hand in hand to provide people with effective treatments for their ailments. But sometimes prevention is better than cure, so not only is it enough to go to the doctor to tell you what you have, it’s also necessary to take care of yourself from home with what you are doing.

And it is in this line that google has made progress with its new artificial intelligence Automated Retinal Disease Assessment (ARDA). It is a system responsible for studying the user’s retina to prevent nothing less than diabetic retinopathy, a problem that can lead to blindness if not treated in time.

From what DigitalTrends says, the tests were conducted in Thailand and they appear to be a success. It is true that work is still being done on improving artificial intelligence, as long as it produces extremely reliable results, but the truth is that this work is combined with something that is essential: utility.

And it’s that this AI is built into every cell phone’s camera, so it’s perfect for reducing precision instruments to something any doctor can carry in their pocket.

Google’s Other Medical Breakthroughs

ARDA is a very interesting novelty that, as we said, opens up the possibility of recognizing a serious disease in time. Let’s not forget that in 2018 we learned that the Mountain View firm was able to use AI to quickly detect cancer, something that will undoubtedly help doctors make a clearer and more immediate diagnosis.

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