Heroic passer-by risks own life to save dog from drowning in freezing dam waters

A dog was swept to death in a dam until a heroic man risked his life to save it.

Scamp attempted to follow his owner from side of a dam to side across a slippery dam at Bell Park Dam in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, but was swept away in the rapids.

After being thrown around repeatedly, the shaken dog climbed a rock safely.

James Stewart, 65, saw the incident while walking with his wife, Stella, 65.

He ran back to his house, looked for a rope and called his neighbor’s gardener, Amos Ndlovu, 35, who tended the garden, and asked if he would help him save the dog.

Amos quickly agreed and tied the rope around his waist while James held the other end and climbed into the freezing high water.

Stella recorded the rescue attempt on her cell phone.

During the five-minute video, Amos climbs step by step over the slippery rocks while being beaten by the water.

When he reached Scamp he could see that he was scared, but Amos, the owner of two dogs, was able to gain his trust, pick him up and carry him across the flood.

Brave Amos manages to reach Scamp while the water is raging around her

Amos carry dog

Stella, who lives near the dam, said, “I know this dam well and only knew one slip and Amos would be dead.

“If he had gone over the edge in this stream, if he hadn’t been smashed to death on the 100-meter drop on the other side, he would have been trapped under a rock and drowned.

“My heart was in my mouth, but I kept picking up anyway and every single second seemed to be a minute as he brought the dog closer and closer to the bank’s security.

“I felt exhausted when Amos crossed it and handed the dog to my husband and then pulled himself safely out of the water. The rescue took about 5 long minutes.

“He was the hero of the hour and deserves a medal for what he did.”

South African gardener Amos Ndlovu

Rescue efforts in South Africa are ongoing

The dog’s owner had been surprised by huge rains that burst the dam.

She said, “The owner had four dogs and had decided to lead them one after the other across the flooded dam. He had taken the first one and left three behind.

“The remaining dogs chose not to remain seated, however, and followed their owner, and two were washed over the edge, but the larger one managed to crawl back up.

“However, the smaller one just slid down, as if gaining speed on a slide on his bum, until it hit the rapids below and then just disappeared.

“It was shot over and over and then reappeared on a rock that looked very scared and felt sorry for itself. At that moment my husband decided to save him.

“I’m very proud of Amos and my James for saving this poor dog. They are cats supposed to have nine lives, but this lucky little guy was undoubtedly lucky for the lady on his side. “

Amos, who people say on social media should receive an award from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, was humble when he first described the matter.

He said, “I have two dogs of my own and I know dogs well and I could tell from the way they cried and barked that they just wanted to be rescued and needed a little help.

“Once he was safe in my arms, he trusted me and didn’t fight, which made it easier, but I just focused on keeping my footing and going into the high tide.

“I know if I had slipped in the water it would have been the end for me, but I was determined to save this dog’s life and I was confident that we could both get to safety.

“But when I handed it to James and got out and tried to pat him, he just went and tried to bite me!”

Retired salesman James said, “Amos was very brave and very humble and after bringing the dog back to its overjoyed owner, he just went back to work normally.”


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