How to get McDonald's 20% off deal for a week – or save on first orders all year

McDonald’s will be slashing its prices by 20 per cent for one week only, across its entire menu.

Customers will be able to cut the cost of anything they want from the menu next week – but only if they order in a certain way.

Alternatively, there is a way of getting 20 per cent off your first order through the takeaway’s app, which remains valid for all of 2022.

Below we explain all.

McDonald’s deal slashing prices in February

Fans of chicken nuggets or a Big Mac will be able to order whatever they want and save money between Monday (February 21) and Sunday (February 27), according to The Sun other mail online.

However, you won’t get the discount if you just order in store.

You have to download and use the My McDonald’s app to get the 20 per cent saving.

The offer will appear under ‘deals’ in the app.

Nothing is off limits for the deal, as it applies to the whole menu at Maccies.

An example of a 20 per cent saving is a Big Mac costing £2.80, instead of £3.49.

Get McDonald’s deal for all of 2022

Do not panic if you miss the offer next week.

If you haven’t already downloaded the McDonald’s app, it gives you 20 percent off your first order as standard.

That deal applies until December 31, 2022, as long as you redeem it within 21 days of registering.

Again, this discount is only available via the app.

McDonald’s deals in February so far

The offer follows a week of deals at the fast food giant, which started on Valentine’s Day (Monday, February 14).

There’s still time to benefit from the last of these – with Chicken Selects reduced to £1.49 for Sunday (February 20) only.

Here’s how the week of deals has played out – starting with a Valentine’s cheese burger offer – because what could be more romantic than a Maccies quarter pounder?

  • Monday, Feb 14 – 99p Quarter Pounder with Cheese
  • Tuesday, Feb 15 – 99p Vegetable Deluxe
  • Wednesday, Feb 16 – 99p Triple Cheeseburger
  • Thursday, Feb 17 – 99p Fillet-O-Fish
  • Friday, Feb 18 – 99p 6x Chicken McNuggets
  • Saturday, Feb 19 – 99p McChicken Sandwich
  • Sunday, Feb 20 – £1.49 Chicken Selects
  • Monday, Feb 21-Sunday, Feb 27 – 20 percent off the whole menu

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