How to See Hidden Information on Facebook Marketplace?

Often when we want to purchase things from Facebook, we are in a dilemma regarding the authenticity of the products. But as the seller’s complete information is not available on the website as per the privacy norms, we couldn’t really trust our senses.

The only thing that appears before is the statement Hidden Information while you navigate through the site. From the seller’s point of view, it is very reasonable on their part. If they would not hide the information, then the customers would cause chaos with their queries. At times the scenarios get worse and the unnecessary questions create havoc. 

Everything comes with pros and cons. If we see the customer’s point of view, then talking to the seller directly would assure them that they can carry out their purchase. 

If we talk about customer service, we all are aware of how much trouble we get to have them talk to us. So why not try these methods where we can see the hidden information of the seller and contact them directly. Wouldn’t that be easy? 

how to see hidden information on facebook marketplace
how to see hidden information on facebook marketplace


Method 1: Using Mobile Version

One thing you can do is to remove ‘www’ and replace it with ‘m’. Now on your PC, the mobile version of the site will appear before you. This will provide you with the information you want. 

Method 2: Using Trap Calls

Another way you can do this is through an app called Trap calls that can easily unhide the contact information. If you upgrade with their plans, then you will be able to see even their residential address and other private details.

Method 3: Using Chrome

Open Facebook Marketplace, Go to the page where the statement of Hidden Information is appearing under the product,  tap on the share option and copy the link. Open Chrome and paste the link you have copied. Next, wait for it to load the information. In a few minutes, you will find the details you need. This happens because Facebook doesn’t allow the customer to see the hidden information but when you do it through your browser, everything becomes visible. 

How to see the hidden information on Facebook Marketplace using your mobile? 

How to see the hidden information on Facebook Marketplace using your mobile?
FB Marketplace

When it comes to the question of revealing information about the Facebook Marketplace, Portable computers aren’t of much help. Mobile can help you find the information. 

Basic Information

Recently Facebook came up with this amazing feature where you can sell or purchase products through the app itself. 

There are many other apps that give plots for the thoughts. This isn’t an original idea. An ill-fated sales feature was launched by Facebook in 2007 under the same name. In the meantime, Facebook Marketplace is a great place to sell your unwanted vinyl records or Microsoft Zune media players.

Information of the Facebook marketplace user. 

 To access this marketplace feature, you need to be 18 above. Then you can go on posting stuff you want to sell, the suitable buyers will find you and contact you. The sellers put up the price tag and the customer buys it if they find it reliable. Sometimes the seller also faces bargaining. 


Marketplace features when introduced were first rolled out to the users of Facebook Mobile AppApp in the USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. After that, it spread to other places. For instance, users got stuff like an iPhone 7 for about $400 and many awesome DSLRs for about $200.There is an option to filter search results based on the product category and the distance from the items within 2 to 100 miles.

IPhone users: Facebook marketplace 

iPhone users will find this option at the bottom of their Facebook app and for the Android users, that option appears at the top of the screen. 

Utility of Facebook marketplace

Since Facebook has a network spread worldwide, it is easy for people to connect with each other. So if anyone wants to sell their unused or unnecessary items, they can sell at the Facebook marketplace. In recent years Facebook mini marketplace are being created by the grouping networks on Facebook. 

Purchase on Facebook marketplace

It is very easy to access the purchasing of items on Facebook, you can contact the seller through messenger. Craigslist carries out the search very smoothly. It is the contact button that ends up opening the web version of the listing and ends up in finding the relevant information. 

Selling on Facebook marketplace

It is convenient to sell the products, you can easily add information about your products to Facebook. You can list it and organize it without any trouble. 

Follow caution on Facebook Marketplace. 

While the Facebook marketplace comes with so many good aspects, there are consequences too. The buyers’ and sellers’ information can be revealed easily. If you want you can have access to the other party’s private information. Your profile picture, cover photos, and also your friends’ list can be seen. 

  • Not everyone has an authentic profile on Facebook, and that leads to the scamming business. The seller’s information can be easily revealed if they have been using it for a long period. That information can sometimes be used against the seller for scamming. 
  • Facebook is not to be held responsible in case you find defects in any of the purchased products. You cannot demand a return or refund to Facebook or Craigslist. You have to contact the seller. 
  • On Facebook marketplace you can easily find the products,  if you’re interested then you can contact the seller and fix your rate. Anything regarding purchasing or selling, is done between the two parties. Facebook does not play as the authority. If you find anything wrong or illegal, you should report it immediately. 


Facebook Marketplace is a place where users can post their items for sale. However, sellers are not required to list all of the information about their items on the page. With this post, I hope you got all the necessary information that you wanted. By now you should be able to see the hidden info on the Facebook marketplace.

If you have any doubts, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Thank you for reading!

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