Instagram Now Puts Automatic Captions On Videos

Instagram: One of the functions that users of the different video services demand the most is the ability to know what the actors are saying through subtitles. For a long time, video users were the ones who could put those subtitles, but over time this has changed thanks to artificial intelligence. And finally, this feature will be available on Instagram videos that will finally have subtitles.

Yes, finally Instagram will have videos with automatic subtitles

Hundreds of thousands of videos are uploaded every day throughout the world, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. However, not all users know how to speak all the languages ​​of the globe and sometimes subtitles are used to know what is being spoken in the content that is reproduced.

Fortunately, artificial intelligence is so advanced that if a video has some hand-generated subtitles, it can accurately translate them. Otherwise, there is technology that is capable of transcribing all kinds of voices and languages ​​to translate them into different lines of text that appear as they are said.

And it is that this was available in numerous multimedia applications, but it is now when these automatic subtitles arrive on Instagram. The function has been revealed by Adam Mosseri, one of the heads of the Meta photo app, who has announced that, after a long time, Instagram videos will have an option to activate or deactivate them.

A new accessibility option on Instagram

on Instagram they are looking for ways to improve their product as much as possible, especially now that TikTok has increased its popularity exponentially. The arrival of automatic subtitles is a very basic feature, but at the same time it is very necessary to get all users to understand what is said in the video.

In addition, content creators will have no problem uploading this part of the data to the social network, so it is also a relief for them not to have to upload more elements.

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