Jessie Buckley is a haunted woman in first teaser for Alex Garland’s Men

It’s a good week for Jessie Buckley. Having just scored her first Oscar nomination for her performance in The Lost DaughterBuckley will soon be starring in the next film from cerebral sci-fi director Alex GarlandEx MachinaAnnihilation† Below, watch the first teaser for menwhich is produced by A24.

As of now, we don’t know a lot about the movie. The teaser is vague, though Buckley’s character definitely seems haunted by something, or someone. Maybe multiple someone’s, given the title. Multiple times in the teaser she spots a male-looking figure in the distance, only for him to disappear after a closer look.

Compared to Garland’s earlier films, the shots of bright green nature that are nevertheless filled with a sense of unease definitely feel closer to Annihilation‘s panorama of mutated wildlife than to The United States or Ex Machina‘s exploration of futuristic technology and human arrogance. But anything is possible!

menin theaters May 20, also stars Rory Kinnear and Paapa Essiedu. Check out the poster below.

Alex Garlands Men

A24 The first poster for Alex Garland’s new film ‘Men,’ starring Jessie Buckley.

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