Kansas man charged with threatening to kill Biden, blames God

A Kansas man was charged with threatening to kill President Biden — after telling federal agents that God had ordered him to go to Washington DC to “cut off the head of the serpent at the heart of the nation.” claim court documents.

Scott Merryman drove Wednesday from his hometown of Independence, Kansas, to Hagerstown, Maryland, where he was intercepted by Secret Service agents in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel, according to an indictment filed Friday.

Merryman, a construction contractor, allegedly told officers he was on his way to the White House to tell Biden that people “were fed up with the divisions in the country and should go back to God or go to hell.”

He also said he planned to “cut off the head of the serpent at the heart of the nation,” but denied that the comment posed a threat to the president, according to the indictment he was first charged. by The Daily Beast.

Officials said Merryman made “numerous comments about God, guided by God, cloaked in the ‘blood of the lamb’ and armored by God,” the filing said.

Kansas police first notified Secret Service that Merryman had called them to say he was going to DC on Tuesday to “see the president.”

Scott Merryman posted updates to Facebook alluding to the planned assassination of President Biden.
Scott Merryman/Facebook

An agent interviewed him by phone, and Merryman claimed he had information for the president about the book of Revelation that God had instructed him to deliver. He told officials in a second interview that he planned to “speak” with the president, the indictment said.

Officers found three ammunition in Merryman’s backpack, which he said God told him to take with him without explanation, according to the court document.

After being interviewed by investigators, Merryman is said to have threatened the cop he originally spoke to, telling him, “I’m coming for you, bitch” and “I’ve got a bullet with your name on it.”

From Tuesday through Thursday, Merryman also posted a series of deranged Facebook posts in which officials said he was using “always menacing verbiage.”

In one post on Tuesday, Merryman apologized for canceling all of his plans for the week because he was “going on a God-led journey to our nation’s capital.”

Merryman was taken into custody in a Cracker Barrell in Maryland.
Google Maps

The next day, he seemed to allude to his conversation with the federal agent, whom he called “Greg,” and wrote, “I spoke to[thedevilonthephoneallofyouandItoldhimwaterwasgoingonIlovedtochopoffthevileoldsnakewithmyrazor-sharptwo-edgedlongsword'[deduivelaandetelefoonjullieallemaalenikverteldehemwateraandehandwasIkgadegemeneoudeslangenerafhakkenmetmijnvlijmscherpetweesnijdendlangezwaard'[the[devilonthephoney’all…andItoldhimwhat’supI’mgoingtogolopthewickedoldserpentsheadoffwithmyrazorsharpdoubleedgedlongsword”

He said “Lucifer” had sent his agents to speak with him at Cracker Barrell, and also predicted his own death on June 13, 2025.

“A miracle will happen in the White House. I believe Joe Biden is now the Antichrist and he will suffer a fatal head injury. I will strike that blow in the name of Christ,” he wrote in another message, according to the indictment.

On Thursday, officials said Merryman called the White House and explicitly threatened the president during a meeting with Secret Service agents, the filing said.

“I’m here for his sleepy Joe,” Merryman is said to have told the cop. “I’m talking about President Biden and you can quote me.”

“I’m coming with three bullets without guns. I come alone now.”

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