LG Showcases GAMER Products At An Event In Brazil

LG: Thinking about upgrading your gaming setup or just wanting to get a taste of playing iconic titles with the best of technology? LG Electronics opened the doors of Mini Arena Game LG at gexperience, Globo’s experience space at Shopping Market Place (São Paulo) – and you can see first-hand how cutting-edge devices are able to guarantee breathtaking matches.

We visited the LG arena and checked out the brand’s five independent stations, where you can experience, in 10-15 minute sessions, LG UltraGear monitors, Bluetooth audio equipment, the launch of UltraGear Gaming Speaker and OLED TVs in various sizes and in all environments.

Sonah Lee, Head of Marketing at LG Brazil, explained: “Our goal is to offer a way to experience technology in a dynamic, light, friendly and fun way in this space that features Globo’s universe of channels and digital products.”

“We are using this space at gex to be able to demonstrate our products and bring people the experience of our screens that are normally used in corporate environments,” said Rodrigo Fiani, Vice President of B2B at LG in Brazil. “We have a 136-inch superscreen, which guarantees a home cinema. And for those who want more, LG also has LED panels that can be modulated in infinite size!”, adds Fiani.

The incredible solutions in televisions are also present in the gex. at the LG Mini Arena Game, the public will be able to play games on 48-inch 48C1 OLED TVs, voted the best gamer TV on the market, with Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology of self-illuminating pixels and features optimized for games, such as G -NVIDIA Sync, low input lag and response time, plus four HDMI inputs. 2.1.

“Our award-winning OLED line is recognized by the gaming community around the world and guarantees a more immersive experience with infinite contrast, pure blacks and optimized functions to please any gameplay, whether with state-of-the-art consoles or PC games” , says Cintia Viani, Marketing Manager for TVs at LG do Brazil.

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