LinkedIn Will Host Audio-Only Events On Its Platform

LinkedIn: It seems that there are more and more platforms on the internet that are interested in the audio format. Some of you may never have thought that it would reach this point where they are not only committed to its main function, but also to other options that make it interesting in a way. And it is that very quickly we can see how LinkedIn hosts audio-only events on its platform.

LinkedIn expands its multimedia offering

Anyone who interacts on LinkedIn has it as a place to offer as a job seeker or bidder, it depends on the account category in front of you. But this does not mean that it is one of the many social networks that operate on the Internet, where you can post multimedia content and create all kinds of publications.

But the company has seen the shift many of its counterparts are making toward a multimedia function that could serve many. We’re talking about the audio format in rooms like ClubHouse proposes. The application, in case you don’t know, creates private rooms in which the members listen to the host. It is a very comfortable size for many who can just pay attention to the audio part while doing other tasks.

And along this path you want to continue LinkedIn and its audio-only events. The experience will be much more enriching as you will have the opportunity for the hosts to bring more voices to your event, which could be as a solo talk, a multi-member roundtable, or even in an interview format with just two members, depending on what TechCrunch counts.

The live format triumphs

That LinkedIn wanting to create a live event format with only audio is a first for the company. Whoever is on their way to offer a complete service here and will have to do testing to get it done. Let’s not forget that the company has been offering options to create live videos for two years now, not to mention the integration of a feature very similar to Instagram Stories.

It seems that Instagram is betting on increasingly interactive and dynamic formats, which gives the site more freshness and flexibility as its members generate different and highly dynamic content.

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