Live in this Game of Thrones castle – and get paid for it

St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall is one of the UK’s most iconic and iconic landmarks – and you could get paid to live there.

The island with a castle that looks like a fairy tale is currently used as the filming location for the prequel of Games of Thrones.

However, instead of being under the rule of the Iron Throne, it is operated by the National Trust and St. Aubyn Estates – and they are looking for a new castle officer. You have now advertised the full-time position – and there is a “live-in” requirement, reports Cornwall Live.

On the other hand, you will need to clean the toilets, you could be stranded at high tide and food stall delivery will prove to be a bit of a problem. If that doesn’t put you off, the role will focus on helping out the Castle Steward.

Current steward Duncan Murdoch told the BBC: “The best part about living here is having an ocean view from every window.

“The worst part is that you can’t get pizza on the door.”

The mountain is connected to the Cornish mainland by a causeway at Marazion near Penzance – but is cut off at high tide, meaning the only access is by boat.

However, you are in good company when stranded – a lord and lady also live on the mountain. James and Mary St. Aubyn, who moved to the castle with their four children in 2003, became Lord and Lady St. Levan when the previous Lord, James’ uncle, died in 2013.

The application states: “Our values ​​are at the center of everything we do, and we expect you to demonstrate them in this role both inside and outside the company. We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic about expanding their experience and making optimal use of all learning opportunities.

“You will be able to demonstrate the highest level of discretion, be compassionate with tactful behavior, have a strong motivation to work in West Cornwall and, most importantly, be a strong team player where flexibility is essential.”

The responsibilities include:

  • Live in the castle and be responsible for the security of the castle and its contents.
  • Daily responsibility for the practical operation within the castle.
  • Support for the St. Aubyn family in both the private and public areas of the castle.
  • Supervise the facility team across the island.
  • To occupy the assigned accommodation (at least five nights per week) and, if necessary, to be available for safety and emergency insurance.
  • Follow National Trust Fire, Safety, Health, and Safety Standards.
  • Be responsible for the proper operation of all fire and security and other systems in the castle, liaise with contractors, conduct regular tests and inspections
  • To check the public spaces at the end of the day and to lock and alarm the lock every day.
  • Working closely with the lock manager to contribute to the lock’s maintenance schedule and to keep a record of all inspections, repairs and service contracts.

  • To do some heavy cleaning, move furniture and hang pictures.
  • Proactive monitoring of the conservation team with a hands-on approach to ensure a consistently high level of daily cleaning and conservation.
  • Researching the collection and working with others to develop representations and interpretations of the castle and its contents.
  • To ensure that cleaning is carried out to a very high standard in all areas, including cleaning of toilets.

If you are interested in the role, you will be asked to send a resume and brief cover letter to [email protected] Your cover statement should explain why you are interested in the role and what you would contribute to it, and highlight relevant experience or transferable skills.


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