Logitech M220 vs M330: Which is the best deal?

The Logitech M220 along with the Logitech M330 are equally popular premium mice offered on the marketplace. But you definitely can’t purchase them both.

Maybe you’re in the watch for a “Silent Mouse” and possibly wondering which of them make for a better purchase. In this guide, we will consider the differences and have a battle between Logitech M220 vs Logitech M330 and also determine what’s better for you and why so?

To begin with, let us see how these two compares in terms of DPI, battery charging & life, link, weight, cost, and much more. Allow the fight begin!


M220 Vs M330: Quick Replies

Overall Best Pick Overall Best Pick Logitech M220 vs M330: Which is the best deal? 1 Logitech M330
  • Wireless Connection:
    2.4Ghz with Nano Receiver
  • Battery Type:
    1 X AA Non-Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery Life:
    24 Months
  • Weight:
    3.21 Oz (91.0 g)
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If under a budget If under a budget Logitech M220 vs M330: Which is the best deal? 2 Logitech M220
  • Wireless Connection:
    2.4Ghz with Nano Receiver
  • Battery Type:
    1 X AA Non-Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery Life:
    Weight 2.65 Oz (75.2 g)
  • Weight:
    18 Months
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The M330 and M220 are both wireless and also based on Logitech will provide exactly the exact same accuracy, durability and “click” feel with no sounds. The M220 Quiet is ambidextrous, although the M330 is contoured for right-handed users using a gentle thumb break.

Logitech M220 Vs M330: Differences And SImilarities


The Logitech M220 and M330 both possess a detector resolution of 1000 DPI. The monitoring is quite easy and precise.

However, you have to remember that if the display resolution is quite high, state 4K, these two mice will feel lethargic down.

In the event you would like a mouse to get work on these high-resolution displays you look for mice using a detector resolution of over 3000DPI.

Battery Life And Charge duration

The Logitech M220 boasts a promised battery life of 18 months while Logitech M330 maintains a battery life of 24 months.

They operate on non-rechargeable only AA batteries and if you use a fantastic excellent battery, then they are certain to conduct a lengthy time without having a replacement.

Both mice arrive with an inbuilt power-saving manner which transforms them to standby after a couple of minutes of inactivity.


A USB nano receiver includes the two of those mice that are tethered via a 2.4 GHz connection.

Logitech maintains a working radius of 30 feet that’s pretty wonderful. Although you probably will not be using your mouse which way away, a powerful link is definitely worth having.

The sign stability is exceptional and you won’t encounter any discontinuity in monitoring.

Silent Plus Technology

The Logitech M220 and M330 include exactly what Logitech calls”Quiet Plus” technology so as to cut the degree of click sound.

Pairing a ‘click’ is in a sense a great thing as it provides you tactile feedback on if you really gave an input or never.

But that noise becomes bothersome particularly in regards from the other individual working in their computer near.

Logitech has tried to fix this issue by reducing the loudness of this click sound without sacrificing the familiar click texture.

The Logitech M220 and M330 will amaze you with those hushed clicks and you will certainly enjoy it if you compare it with the noise of a normal mouse.


Both of the M220 and M330 possess Logitech’s Advanced Optical Tracking system that features an imperceptible light-based detector that’s tipped at an angle to provide greater sensitivity.

They monitor on textured surfaces plus they are not bad even in the event that you chance to use them on semi-glossy surfaces.

But you still will not have the ability to use these rodents on glass or high-gloss surfaces.

Hand Orientation and Usage

The Logitech M330 is created for right-handed usage while the M220 is ambidextrous.

Being specially contoured for the correct hand, the M330 is extremely comfy and fatigue-free for extended usage hours.

That does not follow that the M220 is much behind. The shapes in the M22 permit for a sufficiently comfortable control and hold.

When compared with this M220, the Logitech M330 provides more traction by providing a rubberized feel on either side.

Dimensions and Weight

The Logitech M330 is medium-sized and in only 3.21 Oz, it’s simple to utilize for extended hours without even having sore wrists.

The Logitech M220 is smaller in size and provides a more streamlined grip which some may enjoy, particularly children and people who have small hands.

In 2.65 Oz, it’s also quite lightweight and convenient for carrying around.

Cost and Price

The Logitech M330 using its quiet technology and unique right-hand design has a premium price tag. Taking into consideration the amount of comfort that it brings to the ears and hands, the cost looks reasonable.

The Logitech M220 is priced much reduced making it a fantastic alternative if you’re on a small budget.

Logitech M330 Review

Logitech M330 Review

The Logitech M330 is essentially a cozy office mouse with just the vital purposes — left, right, mid scroll and clicks.

The monitoring is excellent on many surfaces except glass and so on.

It’s especially created for proper use and also these shapes definitely feel like an ideal match on your hands.

The M330’s Quiet Plus technologies makes it unique from the marketplace since it has decreased the loudness of their click sound up to 90%.

The best part is that even though you hear hardly any of the click sound, you eliminate not one of the ‘click on’ feel that is quite beneficial.

All in all, the Logitech M330 is a really comfortable and pleasurable mouse that’s well worth every penny if you’re able to afford it.

Logitech M220 Review

Logitech M220 vs M330: Which is the best deal? 3

The Logitech M220 is a compact mouse which comes with both Advanced Optical Tracking and Silent Plus Technology that’s located around the M330.

The only significant difference being that the M220 is intended for ambidextrous use rather than this right-handed M330.

Nonetheless, the mouse is quite comfortable to use for extended hours and the monitoring can also be excellent.

Getting lightweight and compact, this is surely the mouse you wish to take around and use from the library.

Conclusion – M220 vs M330 Which is better for you?

The Logitech M220 along with the Logitech M330 both provide a fantastic value for money proposal given their use comfort level, dependable connectivity, and superb tracking.

The Logitech M330 is definitely the one to buy if you’re right-handed and eager to shell out a few additional dollars to go through the tailor-made relaxation for your own hands.

Along with the brilliant Silent Plus technologies is guaranteed to provide a pleasing ‘clicking’ encounter also without suffering from the clicking noise.

However, if you’re on a budget, then opt for the Logitech M220 without additional consideration. It’s almost all of the functioning of the M330 and can be considerably more affordable.

The only disadvantage is you won’t receive that ideal fit on your right hand. However, given the amount of comfort that it already provides, maybe you won’t find the need or demand to get a single-handed mouse whatsoever.

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