Married At First Sight Australia – Which Couple Are Still Together?|Quick Review

Reality TV shows are different. They are full of entertainment, drama and yes, sometimes action too. No matter how much you resist watching these, you will like them in the end. That is why there are countless non-scripted TV shows becoming popular every day. From Too hot to handle, Big brother Canada and Love is blind, every show gets popular. One of the famous reality TV shows is Married At First Sight Australia.

This series is a famous Australian reality TV show that released its last season in 2021. The reality TV show has run 8 seasons so far, and audiences are wondering if they’ll be watching Season 9. The show has a lot of back history filled with controversy and all. In this article, we will share everything that has happened to this show so far.

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Married at first sight Australia

The famous Australian reality TV show was first broadcast on May 18, 2015. The original TV network behind this program is the Nine Network. Ryan Potter is the director behind this unwritten and rather unique TV series.

Speaking of the series, the show kicks off with a group of contestants meeting on the day of their wedding. Yes, this may sound strange to most of the audience at first, but as the show gained popularity over the sea, people started to love it.

In fact, there are many shows that at first glance look like Married in the different countries that are currently doing great in their respective regions. So far, the series has released its 8 seasons in a row with a special reunion season held for public demand. The show is quite interesting because there is a lot of drama in the show. We’ll be going into all of these things in detail, so have your popcorn ready.

Married at first sight Australia – What is it about?

Married At First Sight Australia – Which Couple Are Still Together?|Quick Review 1

The show, Married At first site is based on a Danish series that also has the same name. The show begins with the couple meeting right on their wedding day. The wedding is not an official marriage as it is illegal by the government. It’s quite unofficial and just an act wedding was done by the contestant. After the wedding, the couple goes on a honeymoon to spend some time together.

After that, the show allows the couple to spend a little more time together and then they decide whether to commit to the wedding or just cut everything. Personally, this is one of the best episodes as it makes us wonder what the couple’s future possibilities are. While some couples stayed together and built their relationship healthy. There are many who cut it off.

Will there be season 9 of Married At First Sight Australia?

Every year the reality show comes with a great season with a brand new contestant to keep the people entertained. While eight seasons of Married At first sight have already been released so far. The audience is looking to see if they will see another season in the near future.

The officials have not released a statement so far, so I can’t get to a point. It would be wrong to give readers false hope, but looking at the success of the series, people are talking about Season 9.

In addition, the show has been known to release a new season every year, if season 9 comes it will be in 2022.

I’ll let you know if there are any updates for Season 9.

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Which couples Married At First Sight Australia are still together?

The participants marry each other but will their marriage last? Well, not every marriage is successful and you can’t just marry someone you first met, right? Married At first glance, it is more of an experiment to see how much one person adapts and loves the next.

But not every time it is a flop. There are couples of the Married at first glance who are still together. Thanks to this show that helps the fans to show the fairytale in real life. In this section, we’ll see the couples from the show who are still in a married relationship.

Jules and Cam

Jules and Cam

Speaking of the couple, how can one miss these two love birds? The most successful couple on this reality show is already together. If you had seen Season 6 of Married at first glance, you would have remembered these couples. The couple is already happily married and even have a baby together. This couple decided to stay together after the show and now they are happy with their decision.

Erin and Bryce

Erin and Bryce

Speaking of the couple, next on our list is Erin and Bryce from all the way through to Season 2. After the show ended, these two were in constant touch. Last year, 2020, this couple celebrated their five-year anniversary.

The couple took the plunge in 2019 and believe they are happy with this decision.

When asked about their late decision in the interview, they replied: “We wanted to get to know each other first and give each other space, but the wait was worth it. Look, we are happy with it “

This couple is also thinking about having babies and Bryce said so Erin would be a great mother“YES! WE DO NOT TWICE.

Martha and Micheal

Martha and Micheal

This couple is still together, completing their vows they took in Season 6. This couple was doing well until rumors started about Martha and his ex. There is a lot of controversy.

Are Patrick and Belinda still together?

Patrick and Belinda

The adorable and romantic couple Patrick and Belinda are one of the favorite couples from the Married At First Sight series. The show was a great platform for these two and of course for the audience to get to know each other. After the show ends, people still wonder if these two still see each other or not.

Which confirmed that these two are currently living their lives and in a healthy relationship.

Not only this, but Patrick said in an interview that “It has been different in a positive way! We had all this pressure to be in this other world and get to know each other. Now that we’ve left the experiment, we’re just in a normal relationship and doing normal things … just living a normal life together “

There have been several rumors that they plan to get married this year, but all rumors are shut down after Pat released the statement in the same interview with ET.

We’ve said we want to start a family someday, but Bel hasn’t said that yet. We know it won’t happen at any age or in a number of years, but it is certainly still on the table, “

For the general understanding, these are currently together, but not in a living relationship. We’ll let you know when any updates come.

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Final words

The online reality TV show allows people to meet their partner directly on their wedding day. The show has come up with different themes and people love to watch it. So far the eighth season has been doing great and people are wondering about season 9. The release date of season 9 has not been officially released.

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