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Met Office warns: three more days of severe weather after deadly Storm Eunice

Storm Eunice may have left UK shores, but more bad weather is to come this weekend, the Met Office has warned.

The deadly storm – which claimed three lives in the UK – headed east late on Friday after bringing 122mph winds, but there are severe yellow weather warnings lasting into Monday for wind and rain.

Red and amber alerts had been in place on Friday, with devastation caused across the UK and Ireland – with a large part of the roof of the O2 Arena in London being ripped off.

But the weekend weather is likely to have less of an impact.

A motorist in his 20s died when a tree hit his car in Alton, Hampshire, a woman in her 30s also died in a similar incident in Haringey, London. In Liverpool, a man in his 50s died after debris hit the windscreen of his vehicle.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Steve Ramsdale said: “Winds will decrease from their exceptionally high levels on Friday, but there’s a continued wet and windy theme for many through the weekend.

“The south will see wet and windy conditions on Saturday, before areas to the north and west, including Northern Ireland, see some more potentially disruptive conditions on Sunday.”

A yellow warning on Saturday covers much of the South West of England, southern Wales and coastal areas in the south of England. Gusts of around 60mph are possible on the coasts, and around 40-50mph further inland.

This will be accompanied by some persistent rain for many in the south, which will move eastwards as the day progresses, the Met Office says.

Much of Scotland will enjoy a fine day on Saturday, although further rain will affect England and Wales with perhaps some snow across parts of the Midlands and southern Pennines.

However, wind and rain will be the main theme of Sunday for many in the north, with Yellow Weather Warnings issued.

Below, we look at the weather warnings that have been issued.


Saturday's warning in the north of the UK

Until 9am

A mixture of wintry showers and clear spells are likely to lead to a cold night with some icy stretches developing on untreated surfaces.

What to expect

  • Probably some icy patches on some untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths
  • Some injuries from slips and falls on icy surfaces

Saturday's warning in the south

6am to 6pm

Further strong winds are expected in some southern areas of the UK, which could hamper recovery efforts from storm Eunice.

What to expect

  • There is a small chance that some roads and bridges could close
  • There is a small chance of longer journey times or cancellations as road, rail, air and ferry services are affected
  • Infrastructure recovery works resulting from storm Eunice could also be hampered, ie power cuts may be prolonged.


Sunday warnings in the north of the UK

Midnight to 6pm

Heavy rain expected to lead to some disruption on Sunday.

What to expect

  • Flooding of a few homes and businesses is likely
  • Spray and flooding on roads probably making journey times longer


Monday's warning

Noon on Sunday to noon on Monday

Very strong winds are expected across parts of Northern Ireland, Scotland and also some Irish Sea coasts.

What to expect

  • There is a slight chance of some damage to buildings, such as tiles blown from roofs
  • There is a small chance that injuries and danger to life could occur from large waves and beach material being thrown onto sea fronts, coastal roads and properties
  • There is a small chance of longer journey times or cancellations as road, rail, air and ferry services are affected

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