Model tells GMB men have to take an IQ test if they want a date with her

A model has left viewers stunned after taking to Good Morning Britain today to discuss a controversial statement: Should dating be IQ tested? Candice Kloss, who made headlines last year after revealing that men found her intelligence “intimidating,” has shared the extreme lengths she is willing to go to to find “Mr Right.”

She gives potential partners a written IQ test for their first date. The OnlyFans model, who has 106,000 followers on Instagram (@candicekloss), doesn’t want to waste her time with “idiots”.

Regardless of the chemistry, if they don’t pass, “they’re out.” GMB viewers weren’t quite sure what to think, as many took to Twitter to criticize the model and some claimed IQ tests weren’t a measure of intelligence at all.

Candice went head to head with Kayode Damali from BBC’s The Apprentice, who appeared on the show in 2018. “Would rather be single tbh,” one user wrote, adding a winking emoji.

“Really??? She… I mean SHE wants someone to take a test REALLY??????” wrote another user. “Eventually I will start dating again. Yes, intelligence is a factor, but for me I’m looking for someone who has more than that, like common interests, goals and values. All of that needs to be aligned,” wrote a third party.

“So smart yet so stupid,” added another. “What a mess,” wrote a fifth user.

“What is this junk?” asked another person. “I want to make sure they’re worth going on a second date with,” said Candice, who’s been a member of Mensa since she was 17.

“There are many men who are attractive, but if they are not intelligent, it takes away from good looks. How can you enjoy spending time with someone if you can’t connect through a conversation?”

Those who pass still have to do their best, as the model expects them to be able to keep up with current events and entertain them with their knowledge of math, finance, and science. She said: “Some people don’t care about keeping up with current events, which can be off-putting.

“It’s attractive when someone picks things up quickly, has emotional intelligence and a quick grasp. Behavioral economics is my favorite subject, but it’s great fun to hear someone talk about something they’re experienced and passionate about.

“Growing up I was a huge science and math nerd and I still love math.”

The college dropout, who gave up higher education in favor of OnlyFans in 2011, is almost a “genius” by Mensa standards. According to the IQ scale, a score of 120-140 is considered “very superior intelligence” – while anything over 140 is considered “brilliant”.

Candice is just behind the latter at 136 and is in the top 2% of the population for intelligence. So what IQ score is high enough to date the smart woman?

Model tells GMB men have to take an IQ test if they want a date with her 1

She said: “You have to be above average on the scale. You don’t have to be a math genius, but you should be able to converse and be exceptionally smart in at least one subject.

“I’m attracted to intelligent (book smart but also street smart) men who have a good sense of humor and are adventurous, easygoing, and fun.”

Candice Kloss.  (jam press)

Candice, who joined OnlyFans in 2020 and recently graced the cover of South Africa’s Playboy issue, is often “underappreciated” by men who think she’s stupid because of her good looks and modeling career. But she says it doesn’t bother her — she uses it to her advantage, in fact.

She previously said, “It’s better to be underestimated at first — I love proving men wrong.”

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