Owner's heartbreak as dog with dementia 'loses sparkle' and forgets who family are

The elderly poodle has been showing ‘clear signs of dementia’ – and has left her owner wondering whether saying her final goodbyes would be the kindest thing to do

The poodle has been showing signs of dementia (Stock photo)

A woman has been left heartbroken after realizing her dog has forgotten who she is.

Sharing her grief on Reddit, the woman explained how her elderly dog ​​has been showing signs of dementia.

The poodle, who is between 11 and 13-years-old, was rescued from a breeding farm about five years ago.

She was used as a “profit machine” until she could no longer carry pups – and was then tossed aside by her abusers.

After being rescued, she was adopted into a family and shown what love is for the first time in her life.

The woman said: “She was the most loving and happy pup once we brought her confidence back.

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The dog was rescued from a breeding farm about five years ago (Stock photo)


(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

“But, in the last year or so, we’ve lost that sparkle in her eyes.”

The dog can no longer go up and down stairs, with her owner suspecting she has forgotten how, and no longer jumps on the sofa to sit beside them on an evening.

“She paces around the room for hours, gets ‘stuck’ behind furniture and corners, goes to the wrong side of the door when we go to let her out and her tail never wags. It used to wag all the time,” she added.

Heartbreakingly, she no longer gets excited when her owners return home from work, possibly because she didn’t notice they had even left.

The woman added: “She often gets confused at night and will run confused around the garden for no reason, bumping into plants and furniture.

“She doesn’t respond when we call her name, but is not deaf as she gets started when our other dog barks.”

Although she looks “physically fine”, the woman has begun to question her poodle’s quality of life.

“It seems like all the classic signs of dementia. We are struggling with when to call it a day for her,” she said.

“She doesn’t know us anymore – she doesn’t really know herself.

“She exists, and eats, and sleeps in a warm comfortable house – is that enough?

The woman has questioned her dog’s quality of life (Stock photo)


(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

“We don’t dare go away and leave her with anyone as she is too unpredictable if she goes through her erratic and confused manic run around.

“We would hate for her to hurt herself while we are not there.

“I know there is no ‘answer’. I think we can make it work – but for how long and for what goal?

“We will never get the happy little poodle back that she used to be. This is it and it will probably get worse. Is it enough for her?”

Offering their advice, one user said: “We went through that with one of our border collies.

“We blocked off the stairs so she wouldn’t fall and helped her out of corners.

“Things did get worse, and we let her go.

“I do regret not checking in with a vet first, just to make sure there was nothing else we could do.

“I would say make an appointment with a vet so you will know if there is any way to help make things better, if only for a little while.”

While another said: “She’s gone, mate. It’s you that hasn’t let go. You have to make the hard choice. You have to put her out of her suffering. Would you like to live that life? I wouldn’t.”

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