PS5 Speeds Up Screenshot Uploading Via Mobile App; How To Activate It

PS5 already allows you to collect the screenshots and clips you take within the PlayStation application for mobile devices. We tell you how to activate it. PS5 introduces a feature in the latest update that streamlines the process of sharing screenshots and clips. Thanks to the PlayStation mobile app, you can automatically upload your content to the device, to use it on social networks or to upload it to a computer. We tell you how to activate it and what quirks it has.

How to activate PS5 screenshot upload in the PlayStation app

Download the PlayStation app on your iOS or Android mobile device
Sign in to your PlayStation Network account
At the bottom of the interface you will find five icons. Tap the fourth from the right, called ‘Game Library’
Two tabs will appear above your games. Click on ‘Recordings’
You will see an informational message. Click on the ‘Activate’ button
You are now ready to upload the recordings

Please note that the uploading of screenshots is not retroactive, i.e. any screenshots you took before activation will not be available here. Recordings you make from that moment on will remain in the app for a maximum of 14 days. They should be within easy reach if you want them to be preserved after the rotation.

What other options have been added in the application?

The latest update round strengthens the app with new features tailored to the console. The highlight is the renovation of the Game Base interface, to “easier access to friends, groups and messaging features”. You can also access speech groups from your mobile device.

Another mobile application is Remote Play, which allows you to resend the content from your console to your device over the network. Now they have included a dark mode tailored to the one you activated in the operating system. You can view the full notes at this link. And yes, the VRR is coming “in the coming months”.

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