Renault Austral Introduced! A Bomb Rival To The Peugeot 3008 With Its Design And Features

Renault introduced the brand new SUV fashion model australia, equipped with a hybrid engine. The SUV, which looks both big and sporty with its design, seems to enchant with its technological features.

French automobile giant Renault introduced the new SUV model “Austral” at an event it organized. The SUV, which has a hybrid engine, seems to be able to attract attention with its impressive design. So, what does Renault’s partially electric SUV model offer to the consumer? Let’s take a closer look at this car together.

Renault Austral gives the right to the SUV body type with its ‘muscular’ structure. The SUV, which has the company’s new generation headlight design, looks very sporty with its closed grille, protrusions and lighting that almost completely covers the rear. However, the vehicle seems to impress not only with its exterior design, but also with its interior design.

Introducing Renault Austral

When we look at the interior of Renault’s hybrid SUV model, we see a front console equipped with high technology. The display screen, which is completely digital, is integrated with the huge multimedia screen. Renault’s most advanced console we’ve seen to date, it certainly looks like it’s in Australia.

When we look at the engine options of Renault Austral, we encounter three different structures. The first of these is the E-TECH Hybrid engine, which can produce up to 200 horsepower. Consumers will also be able to choose the 130 hp 48 V Mild Hybrid Advanced engine or the 12 V Mild Hybrid engine that can produce up to 160 hp.

Renault’s new SUV model is also impressive in terms of its technological equipment. Features such as a 360-degree camera, a second-level autonomous driving system called Active Driver Assist, a head-up display and parking assistant are available in this vehicle. According to the statements made by Renault, there are at least 32 advanced driver assistance systems in Austral.

Renault Austral’s price and availability have not been disclosed at this time. So what are your thoughts on this SUV? You can share your ideas with us.

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