96+ Rockstar Captions & Quotes for Instagram

Captions are a great way to add personality and flair to your videos or photos. They can also be used to make your photos more interesting to watch, and help you attract more . In this post, we have brought you some of the best Rockstar captions for Instagram, so that your photos look great and are easy to understand.


Rockstar Captions for Instagram

Rockstar Captions for Instagram

Are you looking for a way to spice up your photos and videos with some fun and engaging captions? Well, look no further! Rockstar captions for Instagram is the perfect for you.

  1. When I die, sprinkle my ashes over the 80’s.
  2. “Rock and roll music, if you like it, if you feel it, you can’t help but move to it. That’s what happens to me. I can’t help it.’”
  3. A kid once said to me Do you get hangovers? I said, To get hangovers you have to stop drinking.
  4. One time we saw some hookers but when we got closer we realized it was Motley Crue.
  5. I think record companies are criminals.
  6. Metallica fans sided with Napster because they’re lazy bastards and they want everything for free, I like playing music because it’s a good living and I get satisfaction from it but I can’t feed my family with satisfaction.
  7. We believed that anything that was worth doing was worth overdoing.
  8. Feeling the good pounding in your chest.
  9. The ability for a woman to orally satisfy somebody in a rock band, that’s important to a rock ‘n’ roll musician.
  10. If you’re a gay person I’d rather not be stuck in a lift with you.
  11. Any old time you use it.
  12. Kiss is like a smell in a paper bag, they just never go away.
  13. It’s gotta be rock and roll music.
  14. “Most of modern rock and roll is a product of guilt.”
  15. We can’t believe how many gays there are in heavy metal, people like…
  16. “Rock and roll is the hamburger that ate the world.”
  17. “Music is my religion.”
  18. A moment of silence for all the concerts we miss because we can’t afford the tickets.
  19. “Rock ’n roll is really swing with a modern name. It began on the levees and plantations, took in folk songs, and features blues and rhythm. It’s the rhythm that gets to the kids – they’re starved of music they can dance to, after all those years of crooners.”
  20. Good music. Good Friends. Good Vibes.
  21. “Rock ‘n’ roll is an attitude, it’s not a musical form of a strict sort.”
  22. Society has traditionally always tried to find scapegoats for its problems. Well here I am.

Rock n Roll Captions

Rock n Roll Captions
  1. Craig Ferguson, ‘American On Purpose: The Improbable Adventures Of An Unlikely Patriot’.
  2. “Usually, the best thing is when the band goes to the bar and gets the corner table, we sit there like kings, and then they bring people to us. It’s just rock ‘n’ roll. It’s stupid, really.”
  3. “Rock and roll is a nuclear blast of reality in a mundane world where no-one is allowed to be magnificent.”
  4. I wake up: I am mental, I got to bed and I am mental, I am mental within my dreams, I am mental within my normal state, I’m out of my mind.
  5. I’m not a woman. I’m a force of nature.
  6. “Rock ‘n’ roll might not solve your problems, but it does let you dance all over them.”
  7. Why be moody when you can shake yo booty?
  8. Music is life. That’s why our hearts have beats.
  9. My son Jack just got out of rehab, he’s 17 years old and he got hooked on Oxycontin and I’m just a little pissed off that he never gave me a few.
  10. “It’s got a back beat, you can’t lose it.
  11. It’s boring to be 70, I don’t want to be there, I’ll be dead and gone, I don’t have any aspirations to be 70…
  12. “Rock and roll keeps you in a constant state of juvenile delinquency.”
  13. If you wanna dance with me.”
  14. I’m down to a bottle of wine a day, but my hands still shake a bit.
  15. “My my, hey hey.
  16. “The great thing about rock and roll is that someone like me can be a star.”
  17. I was Marilyn Manson – times 10.
  18. Breath and ask yourself if it will ever get better than tonight.
  19. “A lot of people seem to think I started this business. But rock ‘n’ roll was here a long time before I came along. Nobody can sing that kind of music like colored people. Let’s face it: I can’t sing like Fats Domino can. I know that.”
  20. Anyone who thinks they’re happy should really see a doctor, because there is no reason to be happy.

Funny Rock n Roll Captions

  1. “If you want to release your aggression, get up and dance. That’s what rock and roll is all about.”
  2. Chuck Berry, ‘Rock And Roll Music’.
  3. Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you concert tickets.
  4. Life sucks, but in a beautiful kind of way.
  5. You hear about bands who say, We did one show where only 20 people showed up , well that was our average gig for five years.
  6. “I am the innovator. I am the originator. I am the emancipator. I am the architect of rock ‘n’ roll!”
  7. “I was always drawn to gospel music and the roots of African-American music. It’s the foundation of rock and roll.” – Hozier
  8. Heavy metal drives me bonkers, it makes me want to vomit, heavy metal really is a pile of puke. .
  9. Long live rock n’ roll.
  10. I hate boys who are frightened of pee, and menstrual blood, who wants a boy who won’t kiss you when you’ve just been sick? I want a man who will let me pee in his belly button.
  11. Life every day like its a Warped Tour.
  12. We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.
  13. Without music, life would be a blank to me.
  14. “If Music is a place – then Jazz is the city, Folk is the wilderness, Rock is the road”
  15. Music is the universal language of mankind.
  16. I want a boyfriend that will buy me concert tickets….or maybe just the concert tickets.
  17. “We’re more popular than Jesus now; I don’t know which will go first, rock ‘n’ roll or Christianity.”
  18. “I look back on my life, comin’ out of Macon, Georgia – I never thought I’d be a superstar, a living legend. I never heard of no rock and roll in my life.”
  19. “If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it ‘Chuck Berry’.’”
  20. “Rock and roll: music for the neck downwards.”
  21. I love all women, I will never stop, I want every girl that ever lived. I f**k everything that moves and if it doesn’t move… we work something out.
  22. I could never quite understand cocaine, you can’t get a hard on, you can’t sleep and you grind your teeth, what the f**k is good about that?
  23. Rock and roll is a nuclear blast of reality in a mundane world where no-one is allowed to be magnificent.
  24. Christians are a lot like dinosaurs – about to become extinct.
  25. I believe in using songs to say things.

Rock n Roll Quotes

  1. “Life is like a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up.” – Hans Christian Andersen
  2. “Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.” – Robert Fripp
  3. “Jazz isn’t dead. It just smells funny.” – Frank Zappa
  4. “Energy is so important. If you don’t have it, don’t bother with rock and roll.” – Yoko Ono
  5. “Where words leave off, music begins.”– Heinrich Heine
  6. “Music is my higher power” – Oliver James
  7. “Prince presented us at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”- Bernie Worrell
  8. “The only truth is music.” – Jack Kerouac
  9. “Without music, life would be a mistake.”– Friedrich Nietzsche
  10. “Rock and Roll has no beginning and no end for it is the very pulse of life itself.”- Larry Williams
  11. “Music, once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit, and never dies.”– Edward Bulwer Lytton
  12. “Music is the strongest form of magic.” – Marilyn Manson
  13. “All the good music has already been written by people with wigs and stuff.”– Frank Zappa
  14. “We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.”– Arthur William Edgar O’Shaughnessy
  15. “Because when he sings…even the birds stop to listen.” – Suzanne Collins

Best Rock n Roll Captions

  1. All it takes is one song to bring back a thousand memories.
  2. Darling, my attitude is ‘f**k it’; I’m doing everything with everyone.
  3. “To me, rock and roll is like an ethos or a state of mind.”- Kevin Parker
  4. Rock n roll is about drugs.
  5. “The only negative thing about murder is that when you kills someone they can no longer suffer
  6. “Good music comes out of people playing together, knowing what they want to do and going for it.”
  7. I wish some nights lasted forever.
  8. We’ve all got out self-destructive bad habits, the trick is to find four or five you personally like the best and just do those all the time.
  9. It is said by the Eldar that in water there lives yet the echo of the Music of the Ainur more than in any substance that is in this Earth; and many of the Children of Ilúvatar hearken still unsated to the voices of the Sea, and yet know not for what they listen.
  10. A missive to all you metal bands, the world is totally over the rock thing. Rock is deader than it’s ever been.
  11. Jazz, isn’t that just a series of mistakes diguised as musical composition?
  12. They’d say if ya play the record backwards, you can hear evil tings like grrrr! and I would think, Jeez, I didn’t know the devil sounded like that. I thought he was coherent, like the rest of us.
  13. Rock and roll is here to stay.
  14. “There’s a hell of a lot of freedom in this rock and roll circus… it’s where all the freaks go – it’s the environment for me.”
  15. I used to jog but the ice cubes kept falling out of my.

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