Sanctions from Spotify to Russia: Office in the Country Closed, Russian Media Contents Blocked

Sanctions from Spotify to Russia: Office in the Country Closed, Russian Media Contents Blocked

After many giant companies, Spotify has now decided to impose sanctions against Russia. According to the statements, the giant platform closed its office in Russia indefinitely and blocked Russian media content.

We can say that the only topic that the whole world is talking about at the moment is the tension between Russia and Ukraine. In the last days of February, Russia made historical statements and announced that it had launched a military operation on the territory of Ukraine. After this invasion of Russia, many countries and giant companies announced that they had imposed sanctions.

You can find the full list here in this news; We have shared with you that many giant companies and organizations from sports to technology sector have announced sanctions against Russia. After internet giants such as Google, Apple, Twitter and Netflix, now the popular music platform Spotify has announced that it has taken new decisions against Russia.

The office in Russia was closed, the contents of the Russian media were blocked

According to the news shared by Variety and Reuters, Spotify, one of the most popular music platforms in the world, announced that it has closed its office in Russia indefinitely, with new statements. In addition, it was also among the news that the contents of Kremlin-supported media organizations such as RT and Sputnik were removed. It was also stated in the statements that for now, music services will continue to be used in the country.

Expressing that it regrets the attack on Ukraine, Spotify’s decision may be affected by a law enacted by Russia last year. With a decision taken in 2021, Russia made it mandatory for foreign social media companies with more than 500 thousand daily users to open offices in the country. Spotify’s decision to close the office also showed that the platform may face restrictions in the country.

While the war with frightening images continues, news about Russia comes from many countries. However, some of these reports show that the decisions taken have reached levels that can be described as ‘absurd’. In a news we shared with you today, we mentioned that the International Cat Federation has announced that it has banned Russian cats and their owners from fairs. A similar decision to this sanction, which can be described as ‘exaggeration’, came from Netflix. In these news, it was seen that Netflix stopped the production of four Russian original content.


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