Sidney Powell asks for sanctions order to be reversed, saying the judge unfairly portrayed her team as ‘dangerous lunatics’

Sydney Powell.AP Photo/Ben Margot, File

  • A judge slammed Powell last August for abuses of the legal system in her failed election-fraud cases.

  • Powell asked a court to reverse the punishment against her in a Monday filing.

  • She said the judge had portrayed her team as “overwrought, dangerous lunatics.”

Sidney Powell, the pro-Trump lawyer who was sanctioned over lawsuits that falsely claimed the 2020 election was rigged, has asked for her punishments to be reversed, saying the federal judge unfairly painted her team as “overwrought, dangerous lunatics.”

Powell and eight of her co-counsel were sanctioned last August over joint election-rigging claims that the judge called a “historic and profound abuse” of the legal system. The move came with a referral to disciplinary boards, with the potential for disbarment.

Powell, who bombastically promised to “release the Kraken” through lawsuits alleging election fraud, had dismissed her claims in court multiple times.

One central claim — which mobilized an unfounded conspiracy theory about voting-technology companies Smartmatic and Dominion — landed Powell with a $1.3 billion defamation suit. Powell counter-sued in September.

In its motion to sanctionLinda V. Parker, a federal judge in Michigan, said Powell failed in her due diligence, used “speculation, conjecture, and unwarranted suspicion” in place of evidence-backed claims, and continued pursuing the cases long after they failed.

Parker said the case wasn’t about election integrity, but was “about undermining the People’s faith in our democracy and debasing the judicial process to do so.”

Powell was initially part of former President Donald Trump’s election-litigation team, but he later distanced himself from Powell.

But Powell continues to pursue her allegations. In a 97-page appeal letter filed Monday in Michigan’s Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and seen by Insider, she called the punishment “intemperate” and requested the case be re-assigned to a different judge.

Parker did “everything possible to make Appellants seem overwrought, dangerous lunatics,” Powell claimed.

In sanctioning Powell and her co-counsel, the order had “the clear purpose of depriving them of their livelihoods,” Powell said.

In response to Parker’s comment that she had relied on hearsay in her lawsuits, Powell said that cases are routinely processed “all on nothing more than a single person’s sworn say-so.”

The Monday filing also drew on some high-flown literary references, quoting Shakespeare and Voltaire.

“The District Court has improved upon Voltaire’s observation that ‘[t]yrants always have some slight shade of virtue; they support the laws before destroying them,’” it said. “It managed to shred the Constitution at the very same time it wrapped itself in the flag.”

Referring to a plot to kill Henry VI, Powell also quoted: “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

“Shakespeare knew that lawyers were the primary guardians of individual liberty in democratic England,” she said.

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