Single man whose 8ft pythons 'keep him cosy' at night is struggling to find love

A single man says he is struggling to find love as potential dates move because he sleeps with two 8 foot long pythons.

Johnny Walker has had his eight-year-old Bredli carpet pythons Jasper and Cairo for two years.

But the 40-year-old from Queensland, Australia says women think he’s “crazy” when he shows them pictures of the slippery couple snuggled in bed with him.

Although Johnny has suffered several nasty bites in his four years handling snakes, he says his pet pythons are like family and wants to find a woman who will accept them as part of the package.

The electronics salesman said, “People are scared to come over, but I don’t know why.

“Ex-girlfriends left me as soon as they saw them and said, ‘I’m not dealing with them.’

“Now when I show girls the pictures, a lot of them think I’m crazy.

“They slide on the bed and I leave them there because they like to be warm and under the covers.

“When I go to bed one of them is usually there alone, so I just get the other one and they usually just snuggle up together.

“I’m not worried that they will bite me or wrap themselves around my neck. They just stay there all night and they love it.

“You won’t have moved when I wake up in the morning.”

Snake lover Johnny has loved snakes since he was six.

Single man whose 8ft pythons 'keep him cosy' at night is struggling to find love 1

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The snakes sleep in his bed

In the two years leading up to the pandemic, he visited Indonesia twelve times to catch and deal with wild snakes.

He has suffered some nasty bites while handling over 100 snakes in his life, but claims each was his own fault.

Now Johnny has a two-story enclosure in his living room for Jasper and Cairo to stay there while he goes to work, but they have a free run of the house when he gets home.

He feeds the snakes a kitten-sized rat that feeds their appetites for ten days – but the slippery pair still makes many of Johnny’s guests nervous – including his own father, who rarely visits because of the reptiles living in the wild.

Johnny said, “Everyone freaks out when they come by.

He says women freak out

“I bring them to the front lawn in the sunshine and a couple of people freaked out a sweater and wondered if I’m okay because I think the snakes are attacking me.

“My own father is worried about coming into the house.

“But the snakes would never hurt me on purpose.

“They are like pets in the family, and I love them as anyone else would love a pet – whatever it is.

“Just like a dog, they come out and greet me as soon as I get home from work, when I let them out of their enclosure.”


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