'Snooty ghost' caught on video flinging sofa cushion in dead of night

A dad has revealed ‘mind-blowing’ paranormal footage of a cushion ‘spinning’ and flying off the sofa on its own – prompting viewers to claim it could be a ‘snooty’ ghost who ‘doesn’t like his furnishings’.

Warren Passmore was sleeping on Sunday night when he claims his wife Donna, 41, woke him, claiming she could hear ‘noises’ downstairs.

The 47-year-old barely woke from his slumber but the next day Donna showed him ‘bizarre’ footage of one of their living room cushions turning on the spot before then tumbling from the sofa.

In the ‘compelling’ clip, the pillow slowly twists on the leather couch as if being dragged or pushed by something, before hitting the floor.

After sharing the video on Facebook, dad-of-five Warren was inundated with comments from people who claim the ‘strange’ footage may prove his home is ‘haunted’ – after he admitted he couldn’t explain it.

Warren, from Epsom, Surrey, said: “It was the strangest thing. It’s completely blown my mind. I cannot understand how a pillow would do that. We have a Blink camera set up in the front room so when we’re out we can see what the dog’s doing.

“My wife doesn’t sleep very well. She woke up about 1am and said she’d heard noises downstairs and decided to have a look on her phone.

“She did tell me about it on [Monday morning] at about 1.30am. I’d just been woken up so I said it’d probably just fallen off the sofa, but when I looked on Monday morning, I thought ‘that’s not right’.

“I’m puzzled – absolutely puzzled.”

Warren claims he then watched the video several times to make sense of the footage before even trying to re-enact how it could have happened.

After failing to find a plausible explanation, Warren insisted he was still ‘puzzled’.

Warren said: “This is the first time we’ve seen anything compelling. I can’t get my head around it. I’ve watched the video lots of time. We’re interested in that kind of stuff. It’s definitely not normal I don’t want to sound like some kind of nutty that watches things like that.

“It’s the way it moved. It moved along then just fell off. When you look at it, that’s not natural. I’m looking at it thinking there has to be an explanation for it but I cannot fathom what’s going on there. I ‘ve set up the pillow how it was and tried walking past it.I tried to work out how it happened.

“All day long I’ve been sitting in that room thinking ‘that’s not right’. We see orbs and think it’s just bugs or particles in the light. It’s really bizarre.”

Warren then posted the video on social media to other supernatural fans and even sent to his friends who admitted they were also stumped.

Warren said: “It’s the first thing I’ve seen that I can’t explain – that’s why I put it on Facebook. You get lots of different feedback.

Dad-of-five Warren became inundated with comments after sharing the footage on social media

“I sent it to a couple of friends and asked if they had an explanation. They don’t know. I’d be skeptical myself but having it happen in your own home, knowing the circumstances, I cannot explain how a cushion can drag across the sofa like that.

“I can guarantee there was no one downstairs. The long bang you hear is the zip as it hits the laminate floor. Houses make noises but I’ve never had anything like that, ever, in my life.”

Warren’s wife also revealed this wasn’t the first time the couple had experience possible paranormal activity in their home – with a coat hanger ‘swinging’ inside their wardrobe in the past.

Donna said: “We always stand the pillows up before we go to bed. This isn’t the first time anyway. We’ve been in bed with a coat hanger swinging from side-to-side. You don’t believe things until you see them.”

Facebookers joked Warren ‘should be offended’ as a spook appeared to hate his interior design choices – while another explained his home was ‘haunted’.

One user said: “Think your ghost doesn’t like your taste in cushions. I think you should be offended.”

A supernatural enthusiast said: “Oh jeez, you are haunted.”

Another social media user said: “Wow! That’s awesome.”

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