So Are The Lacoste Cases For The Samsung Galaxy S22 And S21 FE

Samsung Galaxy S22: One of the things that you need yes or yes when you buy a new smartphone is a case. They are essential accessories that can save you more than one disappointment, such as, for example, a scratch on the back of the mobile. But in recent years we have seen how it is possible to have a design case for your new mobile even if you have to pay a small amount for it. The most special will want to have one that is also branded if you buy a terminal like the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S21 FE with a case designed by Lacoste.

A branded case for a high-end mobile

We are used to seeing how high-end mobiles join forces with other brands to offer an even more premium product, if possible. If we are also talking about a large and powerful brand such as Samsung, it is possible that you have its new devices in mind: the Samsung Galaxy S22 that already have their special versions. But not everything has to have such an impressive presentation as these cases.

Sometimes you can only afford the main version of the device, which is already a lot, so you just have to take a look at a good case that protects it. It doesn’t have to be a brand, but if you can get one of the three versions that Lacoste makes available to you, it can also be a good option.

The French designer has made available to users three models of cases that are intended for the Galaxy S21 FE and Galaxy S22 models, with the signature colors. In the first place we find two very similar versions with flat colors in green and black with the crocodile logo on the bottom of the case.

But there is a third one that is even more striking. This one is shown in the image protecting a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, it will only be available in green and will have various crocodile logos in full color throughout. This may be the most exclusive of all, as well as the site where they will be sold. And it is that they will only be available in French territory as confirmed by the company’s blog.

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