So you can delete all your conversations with Alexa

Alexa has become the virtual assistant with the largest presence in homes around the world. And it’s that Amazon offers an interesting catalog of Amazon Echo devices with Alexa integrated, so everyone can choose the one that best suits their needs or tastes.

We can ask Alexa for anything we can think of, but the truth is it is mostly used to create memories, perform internet searches, ask what the weather will be like in our city, know the traffic status, tell us the read daily news aloud, play our favorite music, etc. It is even possible to control other connected and assistant-compatible devices via the Amazon Echo.

So far it is good, but the truth is that on several occasions we have been able to listen to or read about the privacy of any conversations or requests that we make to Alexa, even anything the speaker could record from the conversations we make in our home. while Alexa is waiting for the activation command. If you’re one of those concerned about everything Amazon devices might have stored, we’ll show you how it is possible to delete conversation history easily with Alexa.

Steps to clear your conversation history with Alexa

The fastest way to delete any conversations or commands that we have given to Alexa through our speaker is to ask the assistant itself to delete everything. So just say “Alexa, delete everything I said.” The truth is, this can make us doubt that the wizard will actually continue to delete everything it has saved, so we can proceed to check or even delete it ourselves from the wizard’s configuration settings.

To do this, we’re going to open the Alexa app on our mobile or tablet and follow the steps below:

We open the Alexa app
We touch the More option
We enter the configuration
Click on the Alexa Privacy option
Next, we need to select the option Check Speech History
On the next screen, we will display the View option and we can filter the messages or conversations we want to delete by date and device. If we want to delete everything, we display the option to filter by date and select All history.
This shows us a list of all recordings. At the top of the list we find the option Delete all my recordings
Click on it and wait for Alexa to delete all of the history

If we had previously asked Alexa to delete everything we told her, the empty history should show up there. Otherwise, after the process is completed, we can check if the history is cleared.

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