Tens of thousands of viewers glued to Big Jet TV Heathrow Storm Eunice live stream

Thousands of people are being left captivated by the skill of pilots thanks to a live stream from London Heathrow airport.

Big Jet TV is set up at the international hub and is bringing viewers live coverage of planes taking off and landing during the storm, which is bringing strong winds to the whole of the UK.

Viewers have been on tenterhooks as huge planes come in to land at what looks like a sideways angle as pilots compensate for the wind.

Other landings have been aborted as pilots take the decision to go round again.

You can watch the live stream below

One viewer said: “This is incredible!”

While another simply commented: “Amazing!!!”

Another, watching from afar, said: “Can’t sleep over here in Calgary Canada so here I am watching the craziness over there at heathrow. Stay safe out there.”

A concerned watcher said: “That wind is so strong I’m surprised they’re even allowed to fly.”

It was compulsive viewing for one family: “Got the whole family watching this morning, absolutely hooked here in Chorleywood.”

And one viewer, referencing the Blackadder comedy series, said: “Home in time for tea and medals.”

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