Terrifying footage shows rescue of teen from 90ft high burning flat

An 18-year-old from Moscow miraculously climbed out of a window 30 meters above the ground to escape a burning apartment

Moscow students Timur Zakirov, 20, and Adel Akhmetzyanov, 21, miraculously escaped the fire in their apartment and rescued Timur’s friend Irina Yerpuleva, 18, through the window

Stunning video shows how a student was miraculously saved from a burning apartment by climbing out a window 30 meters above the ground.

Irina Yerpuleva, 18, was lured without safety ropes out of a ninth-floor window into the apartment below on January 29 in the Moscow inferno.

Poisonous black smoke was billowing from the burning apartment.

Her college friend Timur Zakirov, 20, and another friend, Adel Akhmetzyanov, 21, had just climbed down and been helped into the window by the apartment owner.

“I hesitated until Timur started yelling at me, and that brought me to my senses,” said Irina, who said he saved her life.

“I climbed down. They instructed me and told me what to do.”

They grabbed her legs and pulled her into the eighth floor window.

The moment when Timur and Adel save Irina


Ilya Latyshko/east2west news)

The apartment burned down almost completely


Social Media/East2West News)

“I was in a pretty strange state at the time. I didn’t understand that I was at the ninth floor level and any wrong move could be a fatal mistake for me and I could fall.

“For me, the fear came later.”

Another video shortly before showed how Timur and Adel had desperately climbed down from the burning apartment on the north floor and had clung to the windowsill.

The fire intensified when Irina left the window


Social Media/East2West News)

“They climbed out the window, grabbed the sill and kicked the window of the eighth-floor apartment below,” she said.

“Thank God the owner was home. Without him, I can’t imagine what would have happened.”

Adel said: “Timur hung on one arm, the other clung to the window frame with several fingers.

“I held on to the window sill with my right hand, and with my left I pulled his other hand on the window frame so that he could pull himself up.

“I thought we had to jump – it seemed better than staying there and getting burned.”

Fortunately, Irina did not need hospital treatment after the fire


Irina Yerpuleva/east2west news)

Media student Irina suffered cuts, abrasions and carbon monoxide poisoning but did not require hospital treatment after the fire drama in Moscow’s Chertanovo district.

Timur suffered burns and remains in the hospital.

Another friend, Igor Garankin, suffered 34% burns after escaping through the door before the flames worsened.

The fire was probably caused by an electrical short circuit.

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