The iOS 15.4 Beta Warns Users Of An AirTag Of Its Responsible Use

iOS 15.4: The AirTags have been one of the best advances that Apple has made in the hardware section of recent times. These devices will help you geolocate anything you put it on. From your wallet, through your pet or even your car, the objective of this device is to make its carrier locatable, even if it is a person. But this will change in iOS 15.4 with the new anti-tracking system.

Finally improves the AirTags anti-tracking system on your iPhone

One of the great concerns of users is privacy. This is not only reduced to the digital plane where many need to know at all times what are the terms of use of the service that they are going to provide on the Internet, it also goes to the physical plane. This is so thanks to the geolocation function, which is very important to know where you are.

Of course, this has a somewhat dangerous part, and that is that there was talk of the potential that these devices had when it came to following someone. They are very small and are associated with a phone, so it is very easy to see where the user who is carrying it is. But the bitten apple is in everything and not only warns you that you are carrying an AirTag that is not yours, it will also launch a new warning in iOS 15.4

It turns out that in the test version of the new version of Apple’s operating system you will see a new and very important warning about its use. It reads as follows: “Using this item to track people without their consent is a crime in many regions of the world. This item is designed to be detected by victims and allow law enforcement to request identifying information about the owner.”

When you use the function to find a device associated with your account and you have an AirTag, it will appear to remind you of the consequences of its improper use.

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