This Will Be The New WhatsApp Contacts Window

whatsapp: In Meta they are working on so many points that it seems unbelievable that they can handle so much. The truth is that it is a large company where they can develop important applications. And we are not only talking about the famous metaverse, but about all the traditional applications that it has. One of them, and possibly the most used, is whatsapp which will have a new window to see the contacts you talk to.

This is the new contacts window

Every time you meet someone new, it is very likely that you will ask for their phone number to locate them more quickly. This is quite normal, and you will have to open a new entry in your contact list to add it directly. But you can also do this from whatsapp, especially if a stranger speaks to you that you later want to add as a contact.

But it has been a long time since this feature was activated in the messaging service. It seems that now the American company is working on a new design for this part of whatsapp in which we will see a new contacts page in the future.

According to the image shared by the guys from WABetaInfo, the new interface is very similar to the one used in whatsapp business. And it is not that it changes much in terms of design, but it is true that a certain unification in the two applications that ultimately serve the same purpose.

On the other hand, as we told you before, this novelty that comes to whatsapp is in the testing process. The image corresponds to the whatsapp Beta update belonging to version of devices with an iOS operating system. If you are one of those who is within the testing program and you have not yet received this novelty, you will have to wait for the firm to deploy this new version

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