Wargaming Paint Companies Are Pivoting to Hand Sanitizer

All those Greenskin bottles are used in a different, great way.

All those bottles of Greenskin are used in a different, great way.
Statue: The Army Painter

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We are all looking for things to do while we are in different states of lockdown and social distance. You might take the opportunity to throw out a few model projects and tackle a backlog of things to build and paint. Well, the people behind those models and paints are also looking for things to do –and do it in style.

Last week, tthe Army Painter– independent hobby supplies suppliers who have supplied washes, sprays, paints and modesling accessories since 2007 – announced that since it was not currently using its production facilities to build up a new supply of its paint supplies, the machines had been reused. According to WHO guidelines and after thorough steriliof his (presumably paint-covered) machines, the company’s warpaint bottles would now be filled with hand sanitizer.

Initially, the delivery is by tThe Army Painter will be donated free of charge to local schools in his native Denmark, so that children and teachers will have access to appropriate hygiene tools when they reopen and social distance measures are slowly lifted. From there, the company works on supplying the sanitizthere through its international distribution options, which means you might end up picking up a bottle or two in addition to a few Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments.

Last Thursday, Army Painter founder Bo Penstoft even took to Twitter to show wargamers the first known (but now very different) bottles of sanitizthere to roll off the production line as a production test.

It’s not just Army Painter in the hobby room that takes the opportunity (and their manufacturing gear) to help people during the coronavirus pandemic. When Games Workshop – the company behind table staples Warhammer 40K and Warhammer—Announced a cessation of retail and online operations in late March, it also contacted Twitter to confirm that the company that manufactures its Citadel line of paints and glues has also committed to developing and supplying hand sanitizersthere is production for the UK National Health Service.

So you may not be able to get your hands on some new paints to crack on that gray plastic backlog that you mock from a distance. But there is now at least a noble reason for this.

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