What Is Reporting On WhatsApp?

whatsapp: One of the things that whatsapp cares about the most is the good user experience using its application. And there is always time to have a bad time, so the application has a series of tools implemented to facilitate tasks such as silencing a contact or, more radically, blocking it directly.

But what if things are more serious?

Report on WhatsApp

There may be users who are engaging in toxic/dangerous behavior that simply blocking them doesn’t go away. Or that behind there is some attempt at fraud, scam, SPAM content, etc. In those cases, whatsapp has a feature that can be used: Report a user.

If you think that a contact or someone who is talking to you on whatsapp deserves to be reported, do the following:

Open the chat with the contact you want to report.
Tap the more options icon > More > Report.
If you also want to block the user and delete chat messages, check the corresponding box.

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