‘Wiper’ Malware Detected In Ukraine Cyber Attacks

wiper: Amid the Russian invasion, Ukraine has also suffered from several cyber attacks, affecting government websites, banking systems and other services. In these malicious campaigns, ESET and Symantec have detected new malware capable of wreaking havoc on affected platforms, according to announcements released on Wednesday (23).

This is the “wiper”, data wiping malware identified in hundreds of devices of Ukrainian organizations. Also known as “Hermetic Wiper” or “KillDisc.NCV”, it uses legitimate drivers to corrupt computer data, restarting the machine at the end, according to ESET.

Experts at the cybersecurity firm said they found evidence that the malicious program was created on December 28, 2021. The information suggests that cyberattacks on Ukraine have been planned since then.

The scale and impact of data wiping attacks on Ukrainian territory are still unknown, as is the agent behind the wiper infection. However, local authorities suspect that hackers linked to the Russian government are responsible.

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