Xiaomi Unveils Smart Glasses With Cameras and Screens In Concept

Chinese manufacturer: Xiaomi this Tuesday (14) officially presented the company’s first smart glasses, despite there being no plans to sell it.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses combine imaging systems and sensors with small microLED screens. It allows them to display messages and notifications, transit routes, in addition to calling, take photos or translate texts in real time.

The model works independently from other devices, such as a smartphone, and has a 5 MP front camera that only takes photos. An illuminated beacon indicates when it is operational to prevent privacy violations.

The strength of the lenses

According to the manufacturer, the microLED technology was chosen not only because of the savings in space and lightness (the glasses weigh 51 g), but also because of the high pixel density and longer life of the panel.

Optical waveguide technology helps guide electromagnetic waves and light transmission to the eye without damaging vision. All this is done from a single lens, while similar structures need a whole set to have the same effect.

The chip that controls the content broadcast on the lenses measures 2.4mm by 2.02mm – and in addition, the glasses consist of 497 components, including sensors, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules and the operating system based on Android.

To ensure that your view is not obstructed by content at unwanted moments, the company has used XiaoAi AI Assistant to understand exactly when it is necessary to display each information format.


For now the Xiaomi Smart Glasses are just a concept, meaning there is no release date. Commenting on The Verge’s website, a representative of the brand stated that “there are no plans” for the sale of this model, which does not mean that more advanced versions will hit the market in the near future.

However, if it goes on sale soon, the model will likely compete directly with Ray-Ban’s recently announced eyewear with Facebook and the established Snapchat Spectacles.

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