After IGTV, Now Boomerang and Hyperlapse Unplugged

Instagram has removed the external mobile applications it developed for video shooting effects boomerang and hyperlapse from the Google Play Store and App Store. Users will now only be able to use Instagram itself for effects.

The world’s most popular online photo and video sharing platform, Instagram, has been enabling various video shooting effects for a long time. The most popular among them were Boomerang and Hyperlapse. Boomerang allowed a video to be repeatedly repeated back and forth, while Hyperlapse accelerated the video. Instagram has now made a remarkable decision regarding these two effects.

Aware of the popularity of Boomerang and Hyperlapse, Instagram developers have released separate mobile applications for these two effects. These applications are downloaded to iOS and Android phones, so Boomerang and Hyperlapse videos can be taken without brass with Instagram. Instagram has removed these standalone apps from the App Store and Google Play Store. Users will now have to use Instagram to be able to shoot Boomerang and Hyperlapse videos.

Why did Instagram give up its standalone video effects apps?

Instagram spokesperson Christine Pai made a statement about why Boomerang and Hyperlapse applications were removed. Stating that their main purpose is to always make the Instagram application better, Pai explained that for this reason, they gave up supporting independent video effects applications. Christine Pai stated that the application called Layout will continue to be published.

Instagram’s abandonment of Boomerang and Hyperlapse came just after the IGTV app was unplugged. This confirms the words of Christine Pai. It seems that Instagram is trying to focus on Instagram itself rather than external apps.

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