After Discord and Spotify, All US-based Sites Have Access Problems

after Discord and Spotify, almost all other US-based internet platforms collapsed. during the apple event held today, Discord and Spotify started to have access problems. While many people thought it was related to the event, the situation turned out to be very different.

The OSINTdefender Twitter account announced that almost all social media and platforms from the USA had collapsed in the information it shared. The source of this problem is unknown.

There is an access problem on all platforms originating from the USA

Many services, especially Discord, Spotify, YouTube and even Cloudflare, are experiencing access problems. Although many people claim that these problems are due to a cyber attack by Russia, no statement has yet been made to prove this.

Although some services are slowly starting to return to normal, there are still problems with services such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Zoom. The Russian government or hacker groups did not make any statement on the subject.

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