All The Devices That Apple Plans To Launch In 2022: iPhone SE 3, Low-End IPad…

Apple: If we analyze apples announcements made in recent years show that Cupertino’s follow a specific pattern: in the spring, the company releases updates to its smaller or complementary products.
In the summer, it presents new software and holds its developer conference.
Fall sees the heavyweights hit the market, such as that year’s iPhones, coinciding with periods of heavy spending like Black Friday and Christmas.
And based on the latest data, Apple plant a very hectic autumn this year.

Up to 9 devices in the fall

In the latest issue of his Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman lists all the gadgets he thinks Apple will launch this fall based on private sources, and the list is long. According to the analyst: “I was told that” Apple is preparing the largest range of new hardware products in its history this fall.” In fact, “my reference list” includes:

Four new iPhones
A cheap MacBook Pro
An updated iMac
The new Mac Pro
A refreshed MacBook Air
An update of the AirPods Pro
Three Apple watches
A cheap iPad
New iPad Pros

Some of these devices, like the iPhone, launch in the fall every year, so it’s no surprise. But it would be the large number of new ones Apple devices that would be concentrated in a period of only 3 months. And while it looks like there’s nothing left to launch for the rest of the year, Gurman says it’s likely Apple will hold an event in March or April, where it is likely to launch a new iPhone SE, which would be the third revision of the “cheap” smartphone from Apple, and (possibly) a new iPad Air.

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